Sending 1000, 500 or even 10 parcels a day?

 Save time and money with our FREE multi-carrier shipping software.

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    Take advantage of our discounted rates from a wide range of carriers

    Your single point of contact for reduced shipping costs from the very best UK and international carriers, whether you’re using just a single carrier… or different, multiple carriers.

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    Free software that integrates with eBay, Amazon or your eCommerce platform

    Parcelhub’s free software integrates with your eBay, Amazon or OMS, delivering instant access to specially reduced rates as well as simplifying your printing, labelling and order management.

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    Free dedicated in-house software support and customer services teams

    Multiple-carrier web based tracking, proactive email and SMS notifications, integration with your eCommerce platform and a single, simple, monthly invoice, reducing your paperwork and saving you valuable time as well as money.

Four reasons why your business should send parcels with Parcelhub

  • Minimum cost

    Parcelhub allows you to send your parcels using our contracts with mainstream carriers

  • Free software integration

    Free innovative shipping software enabling you to take advantage of our discounted rates

  • Maximum service

    A complete, robust and flexible distribution solution for UK and international parcel despatching

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    Our team

    Dedicated software and customer service teams, here in the UK, are always on hand to answer your call

Access 'pooled volume' discounted rates from multiple UK and international carriers

A selection of our local and international carrier partners

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Parcelhub software integrates seamlessly with eBay, Amazon, your eCommerce platform or warehouse management system

Boost your eCommerce shipping performance with our FREE web-based and downloadable tracking and label printing software

Saving hundreds of growing businesses time and money on their parcel delivery

Integrating multiple carriers in to your eCommerce business can be costly, which is why Parcelhub offers free multi-carrier eCommerce and wholesale shipping software solution, including free integration with your order management system; giving you access to multiple UK and international carriers, from a single dashboard. Our carefully selected range of carrier partners grants your business the cost savings, scalability and flexibility it needs to prosper.