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5 Tips to Improve Customer Email Response Times

The importance of eBay email autoresponders for your customers

5 Tips to Improve Customer Email Response Times

In today’s digital marketplace, eBay, Amazon and eCommerce sellers have started to diversify the ways in which customer support is provided. On top of traditional methods like telephone and email, live chat and social media have been added to the mix in efforts to make customer support more accessible to the consumer.

Email continues to be the preferred communication method used by consumers, with 58% of consumers preferring email over telephone support and chat. As such, it’s essential that eTail sellers optimise email support strategy.

By Jodi Gaines Pereira, CEO of ReplyManager

By Jodi Gaines Pereira, CEO of ReplyManager

41% of consumers expect a response within 6 hours and sellers that routinely send responses to email inquiries under 24 hours generally receive 50% less negative feedback. To improve response times, we suggest employing the following 5 strategies:

1. Consolidate

Answering high volumes of emails from multiple platforms is difficult. Eliminate the need to log into multiple marketplaces by using a tool that enables the management of inbound messages in one place.

2. Automate

Automatically route incoming messages into store or topic specific folders, or by assigning to a specific person to increase efficiency and increase response times.

3. Streamline Responses

Create standard replies to frequently asked questions. This can save support staff time by eliminating the need to create a message from scratch. It also helps keep messages consistent and on brand.

4. Auto-Respond Responsibly

Autoresponders are a great tool to communicate with customers. If used properly, they help sellers establish realistic customer expectations of when to expect “real” responses to their enquiries. We suggest creating topic specific (e.g. shipping or returns related) or time specific (e.g. after-hours, weekends) auto-responders for more relevant responses.

5. Report

Routinely review support staff response times and productivity to identifying problem areas – Customer support is the heart of a solid online retail business. It directly affects feedback scores, consumer reviews, and repeat business patterns. It’s the personal connection a company has with each customer, and many times the only way the customer interacts with the seller. Excellent customer support creates great customer experiences and sets sellers apart from the crowd.
high volume of ebay emailsReplyManager is a web-based tool that helps online sellers manage high volumes of incoming email. It integrates directly with eBay’s Messaging and Resolution Center API and supports multiple channels including Amazon, Rakuten, independent websites and more.
Additional features include: auto-sorting, category tagging, smart auto-responders, standard replies, detailed reporting and unique user login with multiple access levels.

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