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Amazon Dash – an eCommerce innovation or another gimmick?

Impact of Amazon Dash on Seller Central UK

Amazon Dash – an eCommerce innovation or another gimmick?

The Amazon Dash Button launched last month and promised to revolutionise the way consumers shop. The Dash Button is simply a small WiFi-enabled device that allows you to order hundreds of everyday household products at the push of a button.
Once an order has been placed, Amazon confirms it with an alert to your phone and the button only responds to one click – so you cannot repeatedly reorder the same product until the first one has arrived.
Amazon claims that this will change the way we shop by bringing the store to the customer through the simple click of a button. But the Dash Button was met with mixed reviews, partly because many people simply shrugged the launch as another April Fool’s prank as its launch date was, unfortunately, 31 March 2015.
So is the Amazon Dash Button a gimmick or a paradigm shifting innovation? Whether it turns out to be a flop or change the eCommerce landscape completely, it’s hard to ignore this little button if you’re an Amazon seller.
Some smaller sellers might be concerned that Dash takes the competitiveness out of Amazon as users will automatically click a button to replenish supplies, instead of searching through the website. However, Dash’s current incarnation is aimed at large household and electronics suppliers, such as Persil or Whirlpool, not the smaller business market.
Any new venture naturally inherits criticism and Amazon Dash is no exception. While some argue that customers should be willing to pay for the convenience of the service, others say the button is unrealistic and does not support shoppers looking for the most cost-effective solution []. It also could be inconvenient for shoppers who can use the button to bulk order certain items, but would still have to pop to the shops to pick up the rest of their weekly shop.
Dash is currently only available in certain areas of the USA (San Francisco, Seattle and Southern California), but it could only be a matter of time before we can get our hands on it in the UK, if it takes off over the pond.
Whatever the eventual outcome, Amazon’s determination to innovate and break into new markets demands respect. If companies like Amazon did not test these new ideas, then the eCommerce market would stagnate and we would be forced to actually go to the supermarket to buy our groceries. Can you imagine?

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