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Amazon’s 2014 shipping figures released

Amazon UK Shipping Figures Compared and Contrasted with the UK Market

Amazon’s 2014 shipping figures released

Amazon is not the most transparent of companies. The ecommerce giant likes to keep its lips sealed over most of its private data, including profits, sales and growth. However, in a shock move, the website has released some data related specifically to Amazon Marketplace and its ever expanding network of third party sellers.

In a statement released earlier this week, Amazon revealed that in 2014 it shipped two billion items from third party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, which accounted for around 40% of its entire shipping for the year. From this data then, we are able to conclude that in 2014, Amazon shipped somewhere in the region of five billion items worldwide. The company also released a number of other statistics related to third party sellers, including that sellers using the ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ service rose by around 65% and that on Cyber Monday over sixteen million units were ordered worldwide from third party sellers.
Also included were details on the number of third party sellers trading outside of their home country. In 2014, sellers from over 100 different countries shipped items to 185 countries around the world. Peter Faircy, the head of Amazon’s third party sellers division, said that they were seeing “strong growth” from sellers using the global marketplaces. He also confirmed that “there are now more than a billion offers for customers to browse from sellers who are listing items for sale outside their home country.”
So what does this mean for Amazon’s third party sellers in 2015? The data clearly shows that the Amazon Marketplace is becoming ever more globalised, with more and more sellers offering international shipping on their items. As a third party seller, this opens up a whole new market for your products, which can only ever be a good thing. With international shipping becoming easier and easier, this market is surely tipped to grow substantially again in 2015. What’s definite is that 2014 was a great year to be a third party seller on Amazon, and 2015 looks like it could be even better.

You can read the full Amazon 2014 press release here:

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