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Author: Mark Rosenberg

leaders in logistics last mile delivery

Mark Rosenberg, Founder and Managing Director of Parcelhub, will be speaking about the impact of failed deliveries at Leaders in Logistics: Last Mile Delivery, Stamford Bridge, London on 27th June 2019. This conference will bring together key industry stakeholders: innovative logistics and postal operators, exciting delivery start-ups, solutions providers and retailers.   With a dedicated discussion on technological innovation, Mark will be detailing real-life examples of how...

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print materials for digital demand generation

Only 7% of how we speak is communicated through words   As humans, we communicate in many ways. When we speak, far more is understood through the tone of our voice and our body language than through the actual words we say. To rely on just words when we speak would be foolish.   We also take on information through sight, sound, touch and even taste and smell. People...

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