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Author: Paul Skeldon

environmental impact of ecommerce logistics shipping and delivery

Opinion piece by Paul Skeldon, Contributing Editor The pandemic has changed many things, not least how consumers shop. However, in parallel to the acceptance of eCommerce that has surged over the past two years – and shows no real sign of abating – there has been another shift, one that has much further reaching implications for how we live, but which also has a dramatic impact...

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ecommerce shippng predictions for 2022z_ecommerce_shippng predictions for 2022

In his latest opinion piece, Paul Skeldon, Contributing Editor, predicts the key trends that will shape eCommerce logistics for 2022. "Two months into 2022 and how eCommerce shipping is going to look this year – and how that is going to change next year – is still, in many ways, unclear. Where the industry ended 2021 with fuel shortages, a dearth of HGV drivers and the continuing impact...

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impact of coronavirus covid19 on ecommerce delivery

One upshot of the coronavirus pandemic has been a substantial switch by consumers to eCommerce –and with that has come renewed pressures on shipping. In fact, shipping – both in the supply chain and B2C – is becoming the crucial link in the chain that is keeping many retailers and their customers afloat.   At such a time as this, talk of “competitive advantage” is somewhat crass:...

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importance of packaging in e commerce logistics

One way to try and stem mankind’s impact on the world around us is to blockade the streets of national capitals, park pink yachts outside the House of Parliament, or even vote Green. Or each of us can take some simple, practical steps to change our behaviour to have a small, but significant impact.   Increasingly, this is just what many shoppers are doing today: choosing green...

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shipment delivery proactive notification

Delivery is now one of the key performance indicators of eCommerce sites for most consumers. They don’t know it, but they are more inclined to look at the rapidity of delivery when faced with a choice of vendors online.   If proof be needed, look no further than Amazon Prime and ASOS. Amazon Prime, while a loyalty scheme of sorts, is chosen by many shoppers purely because...

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