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Author: Simon Wright

parcelhub meets brightpearl shipping discussion

This month we speak to Ollie Slade, Partnerships Manager at Brightpearl, a Retail Operations Management Platform who focus on controlling and automating the back office for multi-channel retailers. Who are Brightpearl? We’re a Retail Operating Platform for retailers, wholesalers and brands. Brightpearl is a Retail Operating System (ROS) that’s built purely for the retail sector. We give multi-channel merchants the freedom and flexibility to grow fearlessly. We do...

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patchworks parcelhub courier and shipping delivery management integration

This month we speak to Nottingham-based Patchworks, a leading integration platform for fast-growing retail, across the world. Who are Patchworks? We’re an integrations provider, or iPaaS, which means we connect data flows between clients’ core business processes and platforms. For example, connecting a company’s storefront to their warehouse management system so orders are properly logged and fulfilled without a hitch. How did Patchworks begin? Patchworks was founded in 2014,...

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tymeonline delivery management partners uk

This month we speak to Ian Moore, Co-Founder and Managing Director at TymeOnline, who offer a complete managed solution to give your products, brands and company a presence on the web via multiple online marketplaces, without the need to invest in additional internal resource or skills. Who are TymeOnline? We offer a range of services that allow companies to successfully outsource their online expansion. Specialising in marketplaces...

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