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Author: Simon Wright

Amazon drones release date

To many it seemed like little other than an attention-grabbing publicity stunt, even a joke, and for a while sceptics were proven correct. Amazon's grand plan to fly orders to customers using small drone aircraft, so they get their items as quickly as possible, was at first turned down by the authorities. Now, with approval being granted for test flights in the United States, that's...

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eCommerce Delivery Solutions

The importance of flexible delivery to UK eCommerce is continuing to grow according to new statistics released this month. A staggering 53% of consumers now expect the estimated delivery time of eCommerce goods to be precise within three hours or less, with almost 100% expecting to receive their order within one week.   Carried out by Ipsos Research on behalf of multinational conglomerate Honeywell, these new findings...

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Ideas for starting an online business

Starting and registering an eCommerce business is, in and of itself, quite straightforward. Yet the simplicity with which you can launch such a company is dangerously deceptive. Many entrepreneurs new to eCommerce jump into the field without taking the proper preparatory steps and end up falling flat on their faces.   Here are four key eCommerce tips that you simply have to consider before you start your...

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Small eCommerce Business Ideas

Setting up a small eCommerce business can sometimes feel like you're David squaring up against Goliath. There are so many big name brands out there who have already staked their claims in this busy marketplace that it can leave you wondering if you’ll ever get a piece of the action. Yet, with good planning and realistic goal-setting, it is possible for a small business to...

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How to start up a clothing business online

Interviewees: Andrew Frogson / Anthony Wallis Company Name: Sauce & Brown Location: Annesley, Nottinghamshire Website: Twitter: @sauceandbrown Facebook: Sauce & Brown   Interviewer: Simon Wright, Marketing Manager at Parcelhub Limited   Questions:   1) Sauce & Brown is an instantly memorable name for a clothing brand. And your shirt designs are brilliant. I’m sold. What inspired you to create this brand?   We have both been in the textile industry for many years, working in suppliers to...

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