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Author: Simon Wright

How to start up a clothing business online

Interviewees: Andrew Frogson / Anthony Wallis Company Name: Sauce & Brown Location: Annesley, Nottinghamshire Website: Twitter: @sauceandbrown Facebook: Sauce & Brown   Interviewer: Simon Wright, Marketing Manager at Parcelhub Limited   Questions:   1) Sauce & Brown is an instantly memorable name for a clothing brand. And your shirt designs are brilliant. I’m sold. What inspired you to create this brand?   We have both been in the textile industry for many years, working in suppliers to...

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ecommerce shipping solutions uk

It goes without saying that delivery is absolutely key when it comes to eCommerce, and has the ability to turn a really good customer experience into a bad one - but which retailers offer the best performance? New statistics from StellaService delve deeper into the world of eCommerce delivery to find out.   The last crucial step   Online retailers want to ensure that consumers have the best possible...

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Send Parcels Internationally Cheap

Since 2003, Parcelhub and our sister company Mail Workshop have been working closely with some of the largest Amazon stores in the UK, providing courier services via multiple carriers, implementing our innovative multi-carrier shipping software.   Because Parcelhub works with such high parcel volumes (circa 400,000 per month), our rates are much lower than going direct to the carrier.   Parcelhub offers a wide range of carrier options to...

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How to improve e-commerce conversion rate for ebay and amazon

Conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who become customers by placing an order) is a key performance indicator for any e-commerce website. Even the smallest change in this all important percentage can have a massive impact on the profitability of your website.   Here are five e-commerce tips for improving the conversion rate on your website:   1. Streamline the checkout process   Checkout processes are getting shorter and shorter. Look...

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