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Bigger is better: our guide to sending large items

Courier Comparison for Sending Large Parcels

Bigger is better: our guide to sending large items

Most eBay and Amazon sellers know that the bigger the item is, the more likely it is to get damaged during transit. So, before finding the best courier for companies sending large parcels, you need to know how to package your bulky items, equipping yourself with the knowledge needed to ensure they arrive at their destination in one piece. Of course, packaging bulkier, heavier items requires a little extra effort; luckily for you, though, we’re here to help. Read on for our tips on packaging larger goods and get to know the best methods.


Think small

Although it may sound counter-productive, one of the key concepts for packaging larger items it to think small. Try to keep your outer packaging as small as possible; reducing the size of your packaging makes the item easier to transport and carry around. Generally, a parcel that can be carried is less likely to be dropped or go shooting off a conveyor belt, therefore we recommend keeping your outer-packing as slim and streamlined a possible.

Go it alone

Although you may be tempted to try and save on shipping costs by squeezing multiple large, heavy items into a single box, we strongly advise against it. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it increases the risk of your items getting damaged during their journey, and the bulkier a box is, the harder it is to handle. Saving a little bit of money on shipping costs and materials won’t be worth it if it results in a dissatisfied customer who is out for blood, simply because you could have prevented their goods getting broken by investing in an extra box. A smarter way of saving your shipping costs is to access pooled volume discounts through a courier broker.

Keep it tight

Before you send larger items on a journey halfway across the globe, you need to batten down the hatches, lash down your items, and keep the box nice and tight. If have to send multiple items, don’t give them too much room to move, keep them together, packed nice and tight so they can’t bounce around. Use sturdy materials, and don’t be afraid to be generous with the Styrofoam and bubble-wrap.

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