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shipment delivery proactive notification

Delivery is now one of the key performance indicators of eCommerce sites for most consumers. They don’t know it, but they are more inclined to look at the rapidity of delivery when faced with a choice of vendors online.   If proof be needed, look no further than Amazon Prime and ASOS. Amazon Prime, while a loyalty scheme of sorts, is chosen by many shoppers purely because...

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sustainable logistics and supply chain management for ecommerce businesses

Tesla electric cars are cool. They look cool, they are cool to drive and they are environmentally cool. While Tesla itself might hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, one story that should be in all the press is that the company is making an electric long-distance lorry.   Yes, it sees the big future in electric vehicles being in delivery. And Tesla CEO Elon Musk...

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ecommerce delivery strategy 2019

It’s prime time for eCommerce – and consumers have never had it so good. Thanks to Amazon Prime, consumers now live in an age where they expect to be able to not only buy pretty much whatever they want at a bargain price, but to also have it delivered almost immediately.   For retailers and brands trying to compete, this puts enormous pressure on their own logistics...

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optimising your online store

Guest Article by Victoria Greene, Victoria Ecommerce   As of January 2018, online sales make up to 16.5% of all retail sales in the UK. As high street chain after high street chain reports financial struggles, the eCommerce opportunity just seems to get better and better.   While this has created loads more potential customers for your online store, it’s also led to more brands on the market...

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GDPR online retail sector

Ecommerce runs on data. In fact, data is now such a vital part of business that its value has been likened to the ‘new oil’. With the rise of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and the well-established practice of using CRM, EDM and BPA systems to run businesses – not to mention the drive for personalisation – means that all retailers now drill for data at...

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