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managing customer expectations and priorities in courier shipping systems 2019

The ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” has never been more apposite. In the UK, Brexit – and the uncertainty around how that may play out – dominates the news. Internationally, the Trump administration’s declaration of trade wars – along with late night tweets interfering in, among other trade matters, Brexit – are destabilising. The fear of extreme weather as climate change...

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preparing for peak seasons of uk online retail and ecommerce sectors

For anyone outside retail, autumn is a time of foggy mornings entwining golden leaves, bobble hats, nights in by the fire and the slowly growing anticipation of Christmas and all the festive cheer that the Yuletide brings. For retailers it is a time of panic, long nights working and the need to boost sales. It even has a prosaic, non-Christmassy name: Peak.   Peak used to be...

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the impact of ar and vr on ecommerce

One of the highlights of the recent launch of Apple’s latest mobile operating system iteration, iOS 12, has been extensive deployment of augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) tools. The aim is to make the device more compatible with AR and VR applications, but the real benefit is that, for businesses, it makes the deployment of AR and/or VR much more likely to achieve...

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subscription box service shipping cost uk

British consumers are spending on average over £2 billion a year on monthly delivery subscription packages even though one in five say they don’t use the services they’ve signed up for.   New research from Parcelhub's parent company Whistl revealed that although there are several reasons behind people opting in to such services, convenience (45%) and value for money (60%) were two of the key drivers, although...

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future of ecommerce delivery

The boom in eCommerce has also been beneficial to delivery, but the explosion in online shopping has had some unforeseen effects on shipping. For instance, shipping is now one of the key differentiators between many online competitors. Witness Amazon Prime: it has made delivery a central tenet of its pitch to customers – well, that and Jeremy Clarkson. Delivery, is the name of the game.   But...

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