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Parcelhub Team

E-commerce ticketing system UK

Parcelhub has developed a new internal ticketing system to help the customer service team track and solve customer enquiries more efficiently.   A significant internal change, it combines a number of current procedures to make monitoring and responding to queries simpler and quicker for both customers and the customer service team.   The system has been built entirely by in-house developers and as a result is a completely bespoke...

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E-commerce parcel delivery distribution companies in the UK

Parcelhub, a parcel delivery service which provides services for high volume business mail and parcels through multiple carriers, says e-tailers need to move quickly and think smarter if they are going to fulfil their delivery promises this Christmas season.   Last year saw courier firms hitting the headlines as higher-than-expected parcel volumes resulted in suspended services and missed deadlines. Shoppers spent £810 million on Black Friday;...

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Multiple carrier consolidator for parcels

David Ward-Webster, Key accounts administrator at Parcelhub, offers some valuable insight into how small businesses and large retailers alike can strengthen their delivery management through flexible courier consolidation:   Christmas 2014 was a turbulent time for courier and retailer alike, the weaknesses in UK courier networks uncovered, leaving many sellers under-prepared for the difficulties that followed.   In contrast, the main strengths of Parcelhub and other multiple carrier systems...

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