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tymeonline delivery management partners uk

This month we speak to Ian Moore, Co-Founder and Managing Director at TymeOnline, who offer a complete managed solution to give your products, brands and company a presence on the web via multiple online marketplaces, without the need to invest in additional internal resource or skills. Who are TymeOnline? We offer a range of services that allow companies to successfully outsource their online expansion. Specialising in marketplaces...

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parcelhub optiseller shipping integration and ebay optimisation

This month we speak to Ashley Maroney, Head of Partnerships at Optiseller, an e-commerce data platform with industry experts focused on one thing - your success. Who are Optiseller? Our e-commerce data platform provides over 50,000 users in 160 countries with the tools they need to control, manage, and monitor their performance. The system produces rich data that online retailers can use to grow sales and improve...

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benefits of a delivery management platform based on research

The latest research findings in The Retail Expectation Gap, undertaken by Parcelhub and Brightpearl, has found that investment in back office technology by e-tailers has two key benefits: the ability to utilise more sales channels and increased customer retention. According to the survey, e-retailers using back-office systems and delivery management platforms are more likely to sell across five channels than those who do not (three on...

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stokly courier and shipping software integration with parcelhub

The latest in a new series of articles, these features showcase our technology integration partners so that you can better understand what’s on offer. This month we speak to Iain Coplans, CEO at, a Midlands-based order management and warehouse management software business supporting retailers across the UK. Who are At we offer ePos, telesales and field sales order taking software for B2C and B2B,...

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Merchants Have 10 Blind Spots Leading to Lost Repeat Business, Reveals Survey

According to research, The Retail Expectation Gap, undertaken by Parcelhub and Brightpearl, online merchants have several customer retention expectation blind spots. The research which spoke to both consumers and leading retail decision makers has identified 10 key blind spots that merchants must take notice of when looking to improve customer retention. The likelihood of customers coming back and remaining loyal to a brand is hugely dependent on...

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