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ecommerce packaging guidelines

Guest article by Rodney Laws, Editor at Ecommerce Platforms   It’s typical of a short-sighted seller to view the point of conversation as the culmination of the retail process. Everything leads up to money changing hands, and once that’s done with, it’s time to move on to the next sale. What happens to the customers post-purchase? Well, that doesn’t really matter, surely. It’s too late now,...

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ecommerce growth plateau

You’ve hit a plateau.   You successfully got your online store going, got to a healthy 300 orders per day and learned so much in the process. But you are ambitious and want to continue to grow.   - Should you upgrade your Shopify subscription? - Should you move to Magento? - Should you be throwing more money at Facebook Ads? - Or start selling on Amazon?   These are the daily questions going...

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There are 1,000s of retailers successfully selling products from their own website to consumers every day. Which means there is no reason you can’t also grow the sales on your own website despite the popularity of Amazon, and other big retailers.   Here are my 5 ways to grow your eCommerce store sales, despite the dominance of Amazon.   Number 1 – Stop focusing on Amazon   You can’t afford to...

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