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the paperless warehouse

There are many hidden costs associated with paper based systems used for stock control, sales order processing and fulfilment. Iain Coplans, founder of, discusses how retailers can benefit from moving to a paperless warehouse and adopt digital technologies to improve the accuracy and speed of daily tasks while enhancing your eco-credentials. Time spent re-picking, the cost of shipping the wrong items, the cost of return...

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storefeeder parcelhub shipping courier integration software

This month we speak to Nick McCaffery, Partnerships Manager at StoreFeeder, one of the most powerful multi-channel eCommerce software solutions that integrates with eBay, Amazon, many other online marketplaces, webstores and now, Parcelhub. Who are StoreFeeder? In 2012, a crack unit of coding and warehousing commandos was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security...

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parcelhub meets brightpearl shipping discussion

This month we speak to Ollie Slade, Partnerships Manager at Brightpearl, a Retail Operations Management Platform who focus on controlling and automating the back office for multi-channel retailers. Who are Brightpearl? We’re a Retail Operating Platform for retailers, wholesalers and brands. Brightpearl is a Retail Operating System (ROS) that’s built purely for the retail sector. We give multi-channel merchants the freedom and flexibility to grow fearlessly. We do...

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patchworks parcelhub courier and shipping delivery management integration

This month we speak to Nottingham-based Patchworks, a leading integration platform for fast-growing retail, across the world. Who are Patchworks? We’re an integrations provider, or iPaaS, which means we connect data flows between clients’ core business processes and platforms. For example, connecting a company’s storefront to their warehouse management system so orders are properly logged and fulfilled without a hitch. How did Patchworks begin? Patchworks was founded in 2014,...

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