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cross-border e commerce vat

Partner Article by SimplyVAT   Are you an online seller looking to expand your business online?   Ecommerce is a booming sector, and with around 742 million people in Europe alone, online sellers have huge potential to grow their business throughout lucrative markets.   So, why aren’t more eCommerce sellers cashing in?   One of the most common problems facing sellers who are looking to expand cross borders is the confusion around VAT...

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multi-channel inventory management UK

Partner Article by Lauren Turner, Partnership Marketing Manager at Linnworks   If you’ve not really looked into multi-channel inventory management yet, let us break it down for you: it simply means streamlining the inventory management process across your multiple online stores.   Say, for example, you have an online store set up on WooCommerce selling watches. That’s your main store, but you also sell your watches on Amazon and...

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cross border e commerce market 2018

Partner Article by Nenad Cetkovic, Chief Operating Officer at Lengow   Not so long ago, the idea of travelling from the UK to Australia involved several weeks and a boat. Now, we can reach the other side of the world in less than a day. This increasing globalisation makes countries that may have seemed thousands of miles away before, now feel much closer. This applies to the...

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End-to-end order fulfillment

Partner Article by Justine Cross, Content Marketing Executive at Brightpearl   With larger retailers like Amazon and Next promoting next day delivery and setting a very high bar, it can seem tough for small to mid-sized businesses to compete.   This is where smart workflows, intelligent technology and an end to manual processes can help.   1. Get to grips with cycle counts   For you to be able to compete in the...

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E commerce VAT rules

Partner Article by SimplyVAT   Looking to increase your cross-border sales in quarter 4? Warning! You may need to VAT register in an EU country.   We know quarter 4 is the busiest time of year for most retailers with the run up to Christmas including major shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With sales soaring, it is easy to forget about your VAT obligations however...

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