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eBay UK Vice President making small businesses a priority for 2015

eBay Parcel Delivery Companies

eBay UK Vice President making small businesses a priority for 2015

Although eBay started out life as virtual auction house, the e-commerce giant is now a bustling online marketplace that attracts consumers from every corner of the globe. It also helps many small British business owners stay afloat, with recent figures suggesting over 200,000 online entrepreneurs rely on eBay to keep themselves in business. Luckily, eBay are mindful of these small business leaving them for other platforms; during its Small Business Saturday Celebration, Vice President of eBay UK, Tanya Lawler, vowed to do more to support the little guy.
She acknowledged that many businesses will be busier now than at any other time of the year as we build towards the peak Christmas season. In fact, she revealed that this past weekend played host to the year’s biggest, busiest shopping day for UK eBay sellers. While eBay have yet to supply us with solid figures, early numbers indicate that merchants smashed the predicted figure of 1,800 items sold every minute with ease. That record may not last very long, however, as all signs point towards next weekend being even bigger for small sellers.
On the topic of their recent PowerON seller webinar, Lawler admitted that they need to do more to help the 200,000 business that rely on eBay, vowing to use the invaluable feedback from the community to do more, describing it as “an awesome responsibility and one that is a top priority as we plan for 2015.”
She also outlined plans to help smaller sellers, promising a smoother, simpler registration process, as well as offering unrestricted access to broader markets, with a view to expanding cross-border business.
Best Courier for Small ParcelsIt’s not just small businesses that will reap the rewards, though: experienced sellers will also benefit from the coming initiatives. eBay has already made strides in the right direction with their new PR Programme, which allows sellers to spotlight great deals and has already drawn attention from the Evening Standard and the Independent, among others. They also pointed eBay veterans towards their deals programme, intimating that they would make it easier to access for small and medium sized businesses as we head towards 2015.

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