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Expand and Automate with Multichannel Software

multichannel ecommerce marketplace automation

Expand and Automate with Multichannel Software

Multichannel selling is the art of connecting multiple, disparate online stores by aggregating your orders, shops, and customers into a central hub. In turn, this central hub unifies both international and domestic stores in your business.

By using multichannel eCommerce software, you connect your business the world over with a single set of stock data to update and supply your business. This allows you to quickly react to orders from all over the globe, so you can expand your business into new markets without the need for a physical presence. Multichannel eCommerce software also eliminates the need for multiple, time-consuming logins.
With worldwide selling channels like Amazon moving to the forefront of online retail, the opportunities for multichannel software in your eCommerce business to access multi-million strong audiences grow in direct correlation to the decline of brick and mortar footfall.
Offering a customer experience that unifies both your walk-in store and your online shops can help you access millions of customers awaiting new products in new markets across the globe.

Dealing with different marketplaces

The audiences for established marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy, have unique nuances and customer wants and needs. Because of their differences, these marketplaces require you to take an all-encompassing approach that will allow you to move products and be present across selling channels all over the world.
Sellers need to be able to react to volatile order demands from across the globe without the time-consuming effort of having to pay attention to each of these channel individually. Fortunately, multichannel selling software addresses this challenge by aggregating details from all markets, shops, warehouses, and customers.

Expansion and Automation

Some of the main advantages of multichannel selling can be broken down into two silos, Expansion and Automation.


Multichannel eCommerce has consistently proven to be able to lift retailers to wider audiences, reduce the time it takes to introduce new products to new marketplaces, and considerably cut down on errors in stocktake and reporting.
By expanding digitally, you replace the need for launching physical stores to grow your business and with the established and committed audiences these large marketplaces have acquired. Your reputation can be built faster with human error reduced to a minimum by using multichannel software to help expand without the need for overseas investments. This has the added benefit of increasing the rate you can build these selling reputations across the globe.
When creating listings from your multichannel eCommerce solution, you can store multiple different titles, prices, and descriptions for your products in different languages. You can also customise and list your items on each country’s channel, using terms and colloquialisms that locals can understand.
By setting up different email accounts in your multichannel software, you can begin to communicate your despatch notifications and customer updates in their native languages, all according to which channel the order comes in from. This innovative customer service approach shows your business to be operating on all cylinders across different countries while giving the customers peace of mind when accurate terminology is needed for their order arrival.
With a central hub created for your international and domestic orders, you can create multiple fulfilment locations within your system. A central hub allows you to easily manage internal stock quantities between your different order locations, giving you quick access to manage and book in stock transfers to where you need to supply the most.


Another area you can save money is with couriers. Along with using multichannel to aggregate your orders, selling channels, and products, you can also introduce aggregate all of your couriers into the software. This gives you plenty of choices on each order to apply the service that will help improve bottom-line finances.
For example, with Parcelhub integrated into a multichannel eCommerce platform, you can also receive the same benefits to your volume of orders without needing to leave the system. Take this a step further with automated rulesets. Automated rulesets can, based on the weight and dimensions of your order, apply the most cost-effective service without any of your staff needing to intervene.
For further automation, you can look to eCommerce experts like Pitaron to set up variable conditions for printing differing invoices for new marketplaces. These can be translated to the appropriate language without your intervention.
You can also work with consultants to automate rulesets that encompass all of your international and domestic shipping requirements and exclusions, including postcode restrictions. This cuts out the work needed to manually assign courier services to all of your incoming orders. Automated rulesets also saving your staff time on the ground floor when it comes to ensuring that all customers in your new markets are served the information they need, in the format they need, without a member of staff to select it.
Once you have expanded across the globe using your multichannel software, consider setting up automated location assignment. This automatically directs these orders to the correct fulfilment centers or dropshippers abroad. Automated location assignment can also be used to send export fulfilment requests straight to your suppliers to help ensure your new global channels receive the orders and the stock that they need around the clock.
With sales data automatically fed into your system, you can use your multichannel software to dive into the figures and statistics. The data – viewable on pre-built dashboards, can be used to find out on what channels you are selling the most products and what is popular on different global markets. You can also use automated and manual reports data to determine the items and products that perform better in all of your selling channels.
Finally, with all of your channels and products in one place, stock control can be managed accurately and automatically across multiple locations, sites, and countries. This ensures that all your warehouses remain up to date with the latest products. You can also make sure that none of your online listings ever have the dreaded “out of stock” message, losing you sales in the process.
These are just a few benefits that multichannel selling can have on your business. With multichannel selling, you can scale with confidence across a number of high-performing platforms that can help transform your business from a new retailer into a worldwide eCommerce presence.

To find out how you can start to expand and automate your eCommerce business across the world’s biggest online marketplaces, get in touch with Pitaron. These experts will discuss how bringing in multichannel selling can help scale your business at the most cost-effective prices.

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Spark Sales Online take time looking at tasks such as listings management and seek to develop systems that help automate our customers’ order processing, service selection, and product fulfilment. This gives staff members time to focus on important business decisions.

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