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How to make your eBay store stand out and increase sales

How to make your eBay store stand out and increase sales with shipping and listing optimisation

How to make your eBay store stand out and increase sales

If you were a customer, would you like to visit your store and buy something? If you hesitate – keep reading this article.

Listings should be optimised and take hold of a potential customer.
There are millions of users actively selling on eBay, and depending on what it is you sell, you could very easily be competing with thousands of other sellers for the top spot on eBay’s search results pages.

Use keywords in listing titles

You only get 80 characters to describe items in the eBay listing title. Use keywords in your listings that buyers would search for.
Don’t include words like “new”, “adorable” or “cute”. Those terms are too vague.
Include details such as type of item, colour, size, features, model number, gender and similar words.
A professional and well-structured product title will help avoid unnecessary product returns and ensure a smooth process from the first click to delivery of your product.

An example of the formula for clothing category is:


[Brand] + [Gender] + [Type] +
[Size/Colour] + [USP/Other]

While this is a solid general rule to follow for titles, it is sometimes better to move pieces around.
No title is fully optimised the first time you write it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the order by adding different attributes that are relevant to searchers.
 ebay listing optimisation
With regards to the “Brand” attribute, the company behind free eBay title optimisation tool Title Builder has analysed one million eBay listings to find out which factors make the most difference to sales and they discovered that there is no need to use a brand name in the title.
It is better to include it as an item specific attribute when listing. It’s proven to help increase your average sales per day.

Provide all item specifics

Customers want details about their potential products.
To ensure that your items are found you need to use the item specifics that eBay show to buyers. eBay automatically offer suggested item attributes that have to be filled in for a product.
This adds a product to eBay search filters and helps increase your conversion rate.
If you do not fill in the fields, your products will not appear in the expanded search results when customers select one of these criteria.
Below is the example of a good product specification list provided by Revoni – famous as a high-quality jeweller, manufacturer and retailer:
 ebay as a marketplace
Even if you think that certain features are obvious or inherent for your products use, you should specify those features in the attributes.
Adding extra information certainly reduces the number of return requests you receive, which will boost your profits.

Offer free postage

Delivery is one of the most important aspects in a buyer’s eyes and this is shown by the fact that two out the four detailed seller ratings are somewhat shipping related.
If you have such an opportunity, always try to provide that magic term “free shipping option” for your buyers.
One way to help you do this is to always use the cheapest shipping option available for the particular item you’re selling and work that into the price of your item.
Alternatively, if you can’t offer it all year round, consider offering free postage around peak times – Black Friday, the Christmas period and other key events throughout the year – in order to remain competitive.

Use qualitative images

People will rarely buy anything without seeing it. Usually they want to spin, touch and hold a product.
So, your task is to make a product come alive and show every detail via high-quality images. Products that feature high-quality images consistently have a higher conversion rate.
 importance of ecommerce free shipping options for ebay sales

How professional photos are created:

• It’s a good point to demonstrate your product in context. Show how it looks in use
• Don’t be tempted to add text to your images, it only makes them less clear and eBay enforces this now
• Show as many images as you can – from different angles. Include at least 5-8 photos per listing
We recommend you to read the article by Andrew Minalto who shared good tips about optimising eBay product images.

Come up with a professional listing description

Words used in the description area impact the search engine optimisation (SEO) process, but still, remember to write your eBay description as if you are speaking to a person.
It is a delicate balance to write for both humans and search engines, but is really not that difficult. Include relevant details and anticipate what a buyer might ask.
It becomes easier as you gain more experience on eBay and get more proficient with writing descriptions.
A great way to figure out what to put in descriptions is to look at major retailers’ websites and pay attention to what they do with their product descriptions.
 how to convert more online customers with delivery on marketplaces

Keep in touch with your customer

Stay within your customer’s thoughts. Even when the order has been received, it’s still a good idea to keep in contact with them.
By treating each customer with respect, it’s possible to bring in new business through word of mouth.
Send an email to your customer after purchase and ask if they are satisfied with it.
Also, ask them to leave feedback.
In addition, let them know about discounts. People love to be treated with priority; they love being shown that they’re important and that you’re listening or thinking about them past the point of sale.

Sell internationally

One of the best ways to sell more on eBay, is by extending your reach into international markets.
There are two main opportunities to sell internationally – directly on other international eBay sites or offer international postage on your existing listings.


eBay is one of the world’s most competitive marketplaces. Firstly, ensure all your product information is accurate and honest.
Proof-read your product descriptions, and encourage more and more positive feedback from your potential customers.
Item specifics are vitally important to be added to ensure that your products are found on eBay, but if you’re entering data that eBay isn’t showing to buyers then it’s just as bad as if you didn’t enter any item attributes in the first place.
When potential customers find your site, make sure you amaze them with great, reader-friendly content.
Stand out with elegant designs, professional photos, relevant titles, and in-depth descriptions.

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