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How UK sellers can grow their eCommerce business worldwide

how uk sellers can grow their ecommerce businesses worldwide

How UK sellers can grow their eCommerce business worldwide

Partner article by OnBuy


Selling online has never been more exciting than it is today. However, eCommerce has become a competitive industry, so it’s a good idea to stay nimble and explore every opportunity that comes up.

And what opportunities eCommerce can offer! The customer base has never been larger – and while the UK is one of the leading eCommerce markets in the world, in terms of size and customer confidence, the truth is that Britain is just the beginning of your potential growth journey when it comes to selling online.

Going global makes sellers stronger

By now, pretty much everyone knows OnBuy is going global and expanding into over 140 countries by year-end 2023. We’re doing this to bring our sellers a wealth of new opportunities, because we believe going global is something that every eCommerce entrepreneur should consider.
While it’s true that the UK eCommerce customer base is growing fast, the international potential of selling online offers some truly amazing opportunities. Because of how OnBuy works, listing internationally is as easy as it is rewarding – and with support from business parcel shipping experts like Parcelhub, shipping across borders becomes a piece of cake too.
With the right support network behind you, even sellers who are finding their feet in eCommerce for the first time can enjoy the perks of a wider range of customers than ever – but there are other benefits to global eCommerce to consider too!

New buyers with new preferences

Moving your eCommerce business plan forward into a global one isn’t just about finding new customers. There’s so much more to think about, such as how the culture of the countries you’re moving into shapes the customer buying habits you’ll encounter when doing business there.
For example, whole new events in the calendar are unlocked for you worldwide. Those range from events with rich cultural heritage and significance, such as Eid and Diwali, through to calendar events built for eCommerce like Singles’ Day, as celebrated in China in November every year.
Those events can inspire both your promotional marketing strategies, and also lead to you sourcing new products to list overseas that you might not have considered back when you were selling in one country alone. It’s worth noting that OnBuy’s industry-leading Price Crash events will tie into these, driving your sales at no extra cost to you – but on a global scale.
More broadly speaking, think about how the culture of each country you expand your eCommerce business into could influence the kinds of products and services that will be popular there. Setting yourself up in advance to hit the ground running is a wise move – you can never be too prepared!

Knowing your market, all over the world

It’s easy to take eCommerce for granted nowadays, especially in territories such as the UK, the United States and mainland Europe. These regions especially have been at the forefront of the eCommerce industry’s evolution over the years, and it’s understandable many sellers might believe every country out there has the same view on buying and selling online that we do closer to home.
However, it actually varies a lot, depending where on the map you look. The world of eCommerce is fascinating and vibrant, and some of the most forward-thinking countries in the world – when it comes to trading, payment systems and logistics – are often ones you might not initially expect.
For example, India and Nigeria are both part of OnBuy’s global expansion. That’s because eCommerce is booming in these countries, often leapfrogging analysts’ expectations as local businesses in these countries invent new ways of making eCommerce happen that improve on the systems we know closer to home.
For instance, the African continent as a whole has been a forward-thinking innovator in mobile-based payments for close to a decade now – in ways that other economies around the world simply haven’t been able to keep pace with in quite the same way.
One of the perks of selling with OnBuy is that you’re able to tap into booming and growing markets alike – with over 140 countries at your fingertips, the choice is yours!

How to prepare to sell online globally

Getting ready to go global? It’s an exciting time for any business, yet it’s also an invitation to iron out any kinks before they snowball into disruptive wrinkles in your growth strategy.
At the broadest level, it’s wise to review your product range versus the countries into which you plan to expand. Spend some time researching if your inventory includes any items that are forbidden or taboo in the cultures where you’re planning to grow.
With the basics in place, you can move on to the nitty-gritty. Selling with OnBuy means you have the option to opt in or out of as many or as few countries that the world’s fastest-growing marketplace reaches as it continues expanding around the globe – it’s entirely up to you.
Similarly, Parcelhub’s superb resources and services can ensure you have the delivery framework in place to satisfy customers across the globe confidently, with full compliance with customs, regulations and taxes as you go.
Making sure your business has the right support from partners, marketplaces and shipping specialists means you have every reason to feel upbeat when you take that first decisive step forward from selling in the UK to selling all over the world.
It might just be the most lucrative step your business ever takes – aside from growing your business with OnBuy, that is!


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