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Latest eCommerce News – Oracle opens the cloud up for eCommerce fulfilment

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Speaks At Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Latest eCommerce News – Oracle opens the cloud up for eCommerce fulfilment

Oracle’s new Order Management Cloud and Global Order Promising Cloud could help businesses across the world streamline their entire order fulfilment process, boosting eCommerce globally.

Dropshippers and any company that outsources eCommerce fulfilment, warehousing and storage and other major components of their business are likely to feel the biggest benefit as the cloud allows for smooth operations, access from anywhere and a number of monitoring and analytical advantages.
The computing giant already has the Supply Chain Management Cloud and the two new products are an extension to that, more than a standalone package. The Order Management Cloud aims to improve the order capture process, as it allows for centralised order monitoring and a massive amount of automation that could potentially take an order direct from the customer’s screen to the external fulfilment house.
Companies can define their own parameters, too, and implement their own criteria into the order process without extensive programming knowledge.
The Global Order Promising Cloud could help companies streamline the fulfilment process, reducing costs and improving customer service. It can even monitor current demand against incoming stock and flag up issues long before companies face shortages, which should help boost profits in the long run. It can also help to fully automate orders, which saves time and money on administration, logistics and manually checking inventory levels.
Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly common component of the eCommerce world and the advantages are obvious. With the monitoring and statistical analysis on offer from most cloud computing programs, which far outweighs anything most companies could hope to achieve on their own, there is far more potential in the cloud than most small companies can even contemplate right now.
As well as the obvious computing power of the cloud, there are other advantages compared to running an eCommerce site from a private server. Security is a big issue, as even household names have been hacked in recent months and the cloud is generally considered much more secure in terms of encryption and simple physical protection.
Hosting a website in the cloud also means that it’s always on, with minimal downtime. So if your business is running from a private server, you might want to consider the benefits of moving to the cloud. These new advances from Oracle are just the start; the sky is the limit and it might be time to get on board.

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