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Magazine Fulfilment Case Study: Primary Times

magazine fulfilment services print case study 2019

Magazine Fulfilment Case Study: Primary Times

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With more than 2.7 million magazines to distribute direct to primary schools across the country, Schools Publishing needed a company they could trust not only to handle the high volume of deliveries, but also represent the popular Primary Times brand in the appropriate way.

A national group of 60 regional titles, Primary Times prints almost 3 million magazines, seven times a year. As the UK and Ireland’s most read listings and information publication for parents, it is the 15th largest publication by circulation and needed a distribution partner that understood the significance of this.
They turned to Parcelhub, the UK’s leading magazine fulfilment provider, for help in distributing some of the 60 titles and found a firm that was big enough to handle the job effectively, with a commitment to customer service that provided reassurance and peace of mind.
Marion McAdam, General Manager of Schools Publishing and Editor of 13 Primary Times titles, explained why this was so important: “Our challenge every issue is to ensure that we get our magazines out to the schools as quickly as possible, ensuring that each parcel is delivered with the care and attention that is required when in the company of children.”
“In the past we have used various distribution channels, varying from direct mailing to smaller ‘man with a van’ type couriers. These were expensive in the first instance and, in some cases, unreliable in the second which meant we felt we weren’t getting value for money in either situation.”
Magazine subscription fulfillment services UK 2017“The thing that I value most about Parcelhub is the level of trust I have in them. As well as providing responsive customer service, I have found them to be honest and most importantly accountable – something that seems to be lacking in many organisations today, and which makes my life infinitely easier.”
Mark Rosenberg, Managing Director at Parcelhub, added, “Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on being responsive to customers’ needs and delivering maximum service for minimum cost every time. There’s a well-used saying in the parcel game…you are only as good as the last parcel you deliver… and that is absolutely true. There is no room for complacency and customer service makes the difference. We are always looking at the service we offer.”

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