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Meet the Employee: Phil Beavis, Business Development Manager

meet the parcelhub employee phil beavis business development manager

Meet the Employee: Phil Beavis, Business Development Manager

Tell us all about you as a person outside of work, your hobbies and interests

A keen cook, I love hosting a dinner party with a few red wines too 😉 Getting outdoors and hiking to new places. Catching up with friends, family and I like to watch football and I support Arsenal, although being from Nottingham my second team is Forest.

What is your role within Parcelhub (and the wider Whistl Group)?

Business Development Manager, so basically bringing on new business and revenue via parcel sales. I really enjoying working with businesses, entrepreneurs and helping find solutions that work for my customers.

What does a typical day look like for you at Parcelhub?

Well the role has changed since the pandemic, so working from a home office is usual, with teams meetings a standard forum for my sales pitch. However, it always starts with a morning coffee or two, a lunchtime walk and plenty of phone calls.

As a Business Development Manager, what made you want to work for Parcelhub and what were you doing before this?

My last job was selling hen and stag weekends. But I started within Parcelhub in customer services, and then was promoted to Account Manager, eventually transitioning into Sales. So at first it was my natural energy to help customers and wanting to fix their problems and look after them that pushed me towards Account Management, however bringing that ethic into Sales has helped me so much with become a trusted salesperson. Parcelhub have nurtured my career and I have not had that previously.

Do you have any advice for others wanting to get into Business Development?

Have a hunger for winning and work hard to achieve it. You get out what you put in.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you

I don’t own a microwave.

What excites you most about working for Parcelhub?

What is coming next, new ventures, new wins, new promotions. It is an ever-changing and progressive company so I am excited about what is around the corner.

What has been your proudest achievement working for Parcelhub?

Getting promoted in my first year at Parcelhub.

How would you like to progress your career going forward, what are your long term goals inside and outside of work?

At first to just be a top salesperson in one year. After that I may look to head a team of sales people and do the ‘LEAP’ leadership course which is a development course to assist employees going into management roles.

What has been your greatest achievement outside of work?

Buying my first house, it is a new build 3 bed and I feel like I’m very lucky to be able to do this on my own.

Simon Wright

As SEO and Content Marketing Manager at the Whistl Group, Simon has over 10 years' experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and as a result, offers a unique perspective on the pre- and post-checkout delivery experiences. Simon writes regularly for both the Parcelhub and Whistl blogs and is passionate about helping retailers make delivery their competitive advantage.

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