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Meet the Partner: Khaos Control

khaos control shipping software and courier integration

Meet the Partner: Khaos Control

This month we speak to Lincolnshire-based Khaos Control, which can help you control each part of your business, understand your customer-base, improve your buying and selling, develop staff confidence and revolutionise your stock control processes. Their stock control software covers businesses of all sizes, all with different requirements.

Who are Khaos Control?

Khaos Control are an ERP/business management software provider that aim to help multi-channel retailers grow and scale their business operations. We make this a reality by placing and automating all key business processes through a singular system – Khaos Control or Khaos Control Cloud. Our system covers all major business operations such as accounts, CRM, sales, warehousing, inventory management, and supply chain.

How did Khaos Control begin? 

Founded in 2000 by managing director Mike Cockfield, Khaos Control became a vision to develop a powerful all-in-one solution that can help businesses unlock their full potential. Over the following years, Khaos Control grew from an individual’s vision and hard work to a company of near 50 employees.

Who is in the Khaos Control team? 

Khaos Control is a UK-based company positioned in the heart of rural Lincolnshire – Grantham. It consists of dedicated employees who strive to help our customers grow and best utilise our ERP solutions. Departments consist of: tech & development, projects, marketing, sales, support, operations, and web. All employees share a forward thinking and collaborative culture within Khaos Control to help one another succeed and excel.

Who are Khaos Control’s current customers?

Our customers consist of product-led businesses who sell across multiple channels. This is commonly made-up of SMEs who are looking for sustained growth and scalability. The need for our solutions is paramount when it comes to selling across multiple channels due to the sheer amount of data and processes going through the business. Some examples of our customers consist of: Sophie Allport, Workwear Express, Pet Drugs Online, and Cheeky Rascals. Due to the nature of our solutions, the industries are customers reside in can vary.

Selina Russell – Cheeky Rascals Director: “Khaos Control Went in with a big bang, it was then central to everything we did, and we have kept with it ever since.”

Chris Barlow – Modish Living: “Almost everyone in the business interacts with Khaos Control Cloud. It’s fundamental in what we do… and we’d be pretty lost without it”

Which key challenges do Khaos Control’s customers face and how does Khaos help solve them?

When growing a business (especially product led), it will naturally reach a stage where back-office systems & procedures are must in order to deal with increased data, convoluted operations, and growing customer demands. This is commonly the stage when customers will reach out to us as the growth either becomes unsustainable, or they no longer have the time or capacity to focus on further growth.

Khaos Control is able to handle large volumes of data (e.g. 100,000+ SKUs) across all business areas. Not only this, but the data can be placed into manageable, understandable, and convenient formats. This can aid the decision-making process for future strategies. One of the biggest benefits that Khaos Control brings is automation. Automation will decrease errors and free up time of employees so that they can do more productive work.

Khaos Control essentially becomes a one stop shop for back-office operations. Many growing SMEs will use multiple homemade systems or spreadsheets to run their business – by operating through a singular system, processes become more efficient, and monitoring different areas of the organisation becomes easier.

​​Who are your future ideal customers and who would you like to work more with?

Our solutions provide the ability to streamline complex business operations by integrating finances, sales, warehousing, EPOS, stock control, purchasing, and CRM. By having all processes within one system, Khaos Control can run off data in-real-time, meaning all the information across the business will be up-to-date, enabling for the making of more accurate decisions. It also ensures that accurate stock levels are pushed to the correct sales channels, orders are fulfilled and delivered in the most efficient manner, and purchase orders are forecasted and made apparent

What makes Khaos Control unique?

As a company we strive to help our customers achieve their aims and targets through usage of Khaos Control & Khaos Control Cloud. We try to help ensure our customers have all the functionality to run their operations – this often includes the need for our direct and 3rd party API integrations that allow business to integrate with industry leading companies & platforms.

Ensuring customers are fully harnessing the power of Khaos Control is something we push through our CSMS program. We have an array of customers signed up to the program, which entitles them to in-person consultant visits where they are guided through areas and features of the system that they are perhaps underutilising for their situation.

For Khaos Control Cloud, customers have the opportunity to vote on, and suggest new features for the system. This is done via our product roadmap. Having a say on the products development highlights the personal touch and effort we push towards customer engagement & satisfaction as a business.

Our main USP is that we are the only provider to offer a Hybrid product, which combines a Windows based ERP application, a browser-based ERP application, and an eCommerce engine into one powerful offering.

Why did you decide to partner with Parcelhub?

When Khaos Control Cloud was first released back in 2016, we had no direct courier integrations for the platform – we ran through aggregate couriers instead. Parcelhub were an ideal company for us to bring on to help solve this issue, and have continued to be a part of our integration program ever since.

How important is a multi-carrier delivery approach to your clients?

Pivotal for some of customers. Due to the variety of customers we have, it’s common that certain delivery options are necessary based on the products they sell. The size and value of stock items can vary massively meaning the flexibility of multiple delivery options is essential. Not only this, but the variety of shipping solutions also makes it possible to keep up with ever changing customer demands.

How important is proactive customer service to your clients?

Customer service is extremely important. When placed in a such a competitive arena, any disadvantage compared to the rest will hold you back, this is especially apparent when it comes to negative customer experiences. The likelihood of repeat business is slashed dramatically if a customer has a poor experience – customer service is one of the main direct interactions any business will have with customers, therefore making it essential to the overall experience.

Who else do you partner with?

At Khaos Control we partner with businesses who can help elevate our customers’ businesses to the next level by supplying a service that is outside of our core offerings. We partner with a large variety of business types such as; couriers, marketplaces, product management tools, eCommerce developers, and hosting platforms.

Where do you see Khaos Control in 3 to 5 years?

We aim to continue improving both our products Khaos Control & Khaos Control Cloud to ensure we can always meet our customers’ demands. Continuing to help our current customers reach their businesses goals is always at the forefront of our future plans. Alongside this, branching out our customer radius and reach is a big ambition of ours as we want to help as many businesses as possible succeed through the use of Khaos Control.

How do you see your partnership with Parcelhub evolving?

We want to continue pushing content between one another to showcase just how useful the integration can be – this goes hand in hand with notifying our customers that Parcelhub’s integration could help their business’s logistical future.

Simon Wright

As SEO and Content Marketing Manager at the Whistl Group, Simon has over 10 years' experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and as a result, offers a unique perspective on the pre- and post-checkout delivery experiences. Simon writes regularly for both the Parcelhub and Whistl blogs and is passionate about helping retailers make delivery their competitive advantage.

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