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Meet the Partner: Pick Pack Direct

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Meet the Partner: Pick Pack Direct

The first in a new series of articles, these features will showcase our technology integration partners so that you can better understand what’s on offer. This month we speak to Sam Cornish, Director at Pick Pack Direct, a leading warehouse management solution built to be primarily web-based and paperless, with handheld walk around integration.

Who are Pick Pack Direct?

Pick Pack Direct Ltd (PPD) provides companies, who typically trade in the eCommerce and 3PL environments, with the WMS, ERP and CRM functionality essential for them to run their businesses effectively. PPD’s products were designed harnessing decades of industry experience, leveraging a hands-on understanding of what a company’s software tools need to provide; PPD ensures robust stock traceability and can manage stock via individual SKUs or by batch, catering as required for perishables, or indeed any other business critical stock characteristics. Our WMS operation is via wireless handheld terminals. PPD provides granular monitoring of all applicable business critical aspects, a reporting suite, and where required, 3PL customers can even set up their own specific rate cards to facilitate weekly or monthly invoicing.

How did Pick Pack Direct begin?

PPD’s experience spans more than three decades, initially the focus was largely on CRM, but with the expanding requirements of eCommerce and 3PL, PPD broadened its suite of services, always working closely with its clients to provide the tools they actually needed to operate their day-to-day activities.  

Who is in the Pick Pack Direct team?

PPD has a team of dedicated staff focused on delivering industry leading services. The company was formed by Managing Director Jason Cornish.

Who are your current customers?

A typical PPD customer operates as a 3PL (logistics provider) or within the eCommerce industry. PPD’s products facilitate supply chain management, online sales through marketplaces or D2C websites, and also facilitates reverse logistics, including controls for product refurbishment if required.

Which key challenges do your customers face and how does Pick Pack Direct help them solve these challenges?

Prior to onboarding with PPD, customers are typically constrained using tools far too generic to be applicable to trade within 3PL and eCommerce environments; customers would have problems with SKU management, issues with batch control, expiry date management, connectivity to marketplaces and couriers, and an almost universal issue of a lack of business oversight and reporting. PPD has been able to transform warehouses ran via paper printed pick sheets, to warehouses with paperless controls, utilising wireless terminals. PPD has consistently been able to provide solutions that beneficially and radically transform its customers’ activities, providing operational improvements and cost savings.

Who are your future ideal customers and who would you like to work more with?

PPD targets 3PL and eCommerce businesses, and will expand on the customer base that it is already proud to provide services to.

How does Pick Pack Direct work?

PPD’s system is entirely web-based, designed to minimise the on-site hardware requirements of its customers. PPD provides for a range of access levels, so organisations can choose what users can both see and can do. PPD aims to reduce the need for hard copy information, providing a wireless handheld warehouse management system.

What makes Pick Pack Direct unique?

PPD understands the 3PL and eCommerce industries, and realises that not all warehousing activities can be treated as the same. Considerable effort was driven to ensure SKUs are created in the most effective way, that batch and expiry is catered, that SKUs can be established as kits, or individual SKUs can be picked as kits, and that sometimes orders may be best picked and shipped individually, or where more logical, orders grouped so they can be picked and shipped as batches.

Who else does PPD integrate with?

PPD has integrations with eBay and Amazon, with middleware providers like Linnworks, and obviously connections to carrier management platforms such as Parcelhub.

How has your experience been during the pandemic?

With a focus on eCommerce, the pandemic has seen an increase in PPD’s activities, and we expect the expansion in eCommerce to continue even after the pandemic wains.

How has Brexit impacted your clients and their customers?

Brexit has presented challenges for some clients where they had previously enjoyed unfettered access to the single market; some sales activity, in particular with foods involved, have had to cease altogether, and other activities have reduced given the need for export/import clearance, albeit there is some hope that IOSS may have a partially restorative effect.

What are the best things about working with Parcelhub?

The business and commerce worlds have never been so interconnected, so real-time, proactive CS is literally essential, and Parcelhub is uniquely positioned to help with this.

A multi-carrier approach is essential for most of PPD’s customers, typically now sales will be made from a broad ranging SKU base, and the ability to has access to the most applicable carrier for each order is imperative in ensuring both the most cost-effective rate, and most applicable lead-time.

PPD feels that Parcelhub provides an effective carrier management solution in regard the essential need to access carriers, and looks forward to further utilisation of Parcelhub’s services in the future.

PPD finds the Parcelhub API well featured and easy to connect through; Parcelhub is also willing to embrace platform enhancements, for instance the building of a ‘track back’ feature which would give further visibility for package journeys.

Where do you see Pick Pack Direct in 3 to 5 years?

PPD will continue to provide industry-leading services, and to expand greatly its customer base. PPD sees the ability to onboard new clients, mutually beneficial to both businesses, and believes that there are opportunities that both businesses can look to target in the future.

Simon Wright

As SEO and Content Marketing Manager at the Whistl Group, Simon has over 10 years' experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and as a result, offers a unique perspective on the pre- and post-checkout delivery experiences. Simon writes regularly for both the Parcelhub and Whistl blogs and is passionate about helping retailers make delivery their competitive advantage.

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