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Meet the Partner: TymeOnline

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Meet the Partner: TymeOnline

This month we speak to Ian Moore, Co-Founder and Managing Director at TymeOnline, who offer a complete managed solution to give your products, brands and company a presence on the web via multiple online marketplaces, without the need to invest in additional internal resource or skills.

Who are TymeOnline?

We offer a range of services that allow companies to successfully outsource their online expansion. Specialising in marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon & OnBuy, our solution provides a complete managed service in which we create, design and manage your online sales growth

How did TymeOnline begin?

Having been part of a successful start-up internet business previously, I felt that growth opportunities around marketplaces would be significant in the future. I met my co-founders at Lancaster University and we rapidly built a good relationship. They had successfully built a technology company from scratch and were interested in participating in the TymeOnline project which brought a great deal of experience in starting, managing and growing TymeOnline in the B2B area.

Who is in the TymeOnline team?

The TymeOnline team are friendly and highly motivated with a great deal of experience of selling via multiple platforms. The team are all based on-site at our head office in Blackburn, Lancashire.

We have a broad range of skills and work together to get to know each customer, understand our customers’ businesses, their brands and the competition they face. TymeOnline focus on the most appropriate online strategies to ensure revenue growth.

Who are your current customers?

TymeOnline customers range from high street retailers such as Hamleys of London, The Entertainer, HMV and TJ Hughes through to brands like K&N and inov-8. We also manage the marketplace strategy for existing eCommerce sellers such as The Hut Group.

TymeOnline work with major retailers, large brands and manufacturers and we can customise a solution to fast-track your revenue growth.

Which key challenges do your customers face and how does TymeOnline help them solve these challenges?

Marketplace selling is sometimes seen as a dark art. Many businesses have their own eCommerce teams and have tried selling via marketplaces unsuccessfully. This can be from a lack of knowledge, time, resource or infrastructure. TymeOnline remove this hurdle and have the ability to provide a professional managed service to businesses that wish to address the challenges and be successful with their marketplace strategy.

Who are your future ideal customers and who would you like to work more with?

Major brands, large retailers, manufacturers and large distributors. Our partnerships and expertise ensure that we reach our target market.  

How does TymeOnline work?

We see ourselves as a partner to our clients. We focus on how the brand is presented online by creating brand stores, optimising data, listing products, running promotions, increasing exposure, all without the need for their own internal resource.

We predominantly work on a revenue share basis making it our interest to grow our clients’ businesses.

What makes TymeOnline unique?

Quite simply our team and the results we provide.

The capability and knowledge of our team ensure that the service provide achieves sales growth and delivers the objectives we agree with each client. We listen to our clients and provide additional services where possible, so they can focus on their own business challenges and confidently leave TymeOnline to manage platform sales. 

Who else do you partner with?

We partner with most major marketplace platforms and our connections within the eCommerce world generally allow us to assist our clients with any requirements they have.

How has your experience been during the pandemic?

Sales for the majority of TymeOnline clients increased from March 2020 through until March 2021. Whilst the lifting of restrictions and opening up the economy resulted in sales levelling off, the increases experienced during peak pandemic has been maintained.

How has Brexit impacted your clients and their customers?

There have been a number of stock shortages, but these are not purely down to Brexit. A combination of Brexit, the pandemic and even the blocking of the Suez Canal resulted in the supply chains breaking. A large number of products were unavailable for a period of time.

Any tips for preparing for peak?

This year it’s simply about having product availability and the fulfilment capacity.

Why did you decide to partner with Parcelhub?

We always work to best serve our customers’ interests.  Parcelhub provides the ability to use multiple couriers and thanks to their consolidated approach, this drives really competitive pricing.  This was particularly helpful during the pandemic as many couriers imposed restrictions on volume. Parcelhub helped a number of our clients to continue operating at full capacity.

What are the best things about Parcelhub?

The integrations Parcelhub provide into the marketplaces really helps our clients automate a large part of the pick, pack and despatch process which is invaluable.

How important is a multi-carrier delivery approach to your clients?

Hugely important, not only to our clients but the customers of our clients. Consumers are more and more savvy when buying online and a range of delivery services provides them options which suit their customers’ lifestyles and needs.  This improves conversions and provides an all-round happier shopping experience.

How important is proactive customer service to your clients?

TymeOnline believe the most important thing to the business is the customer. It is vital that our personnel listen to the customer, understand exactly what the customer requirement is and work to achieve it. Finally, communicate with the customer making sure they are fully informed of what we can and cannot do.  

Where do you see TymeOnline in 3 to 5 years?

Employing considerably more resources to work with larger numbers of clients. The business has grown consistently over the last few years and a number of prestigious client names have adopted the services provided. The focus is on growth and scaling the business to manage the onboarding of more businesses. There is also a strong belief that the service could be offered outside the UK.

How do you see your partnership with Parcelhub evolving?

There’s a lot of synergy between TymeOnline and Parcelhub.  By including third party logistics along with customer service solutions, the partnership becomes the all-encompassing fully-managed service which provides huge benefits to TymeOnline customers.

To learn more about TymeOnline’s marketplace management services, visit here.

Simon Wright

As SEO and Content Marketing Manager at the Whistl Group, Simon has over 10 years' experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and as a result, offers a unique perspective on the pre- and post-checkout delivery experiences. Simon writes regularly for both the Parcelhub and Whistl blogs and is passionate about helping retailers make delivery their competitive advantage.

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