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Mobile increasingly used to make eCommerce payments in Europe

Mobile usage statistics for eCommerce vendors in the UK

Mobile increasingly used to make eCommerce payments in Europe

People making purchases online have traditionally used their credit or debit cards to make a payment, as their card details are usually stored in the retailer’s database, so it’s convenient and fast – a few clicks and you’re there.
Others may prefer to use payment services such as PayPal. But now, according to new research, mobile payments are increasingly the norm, in Europe at least.

New data from German eCommerce research firm yStats shows that in the first half of 2015, a variety of payment methods were being used for eCommerce payments in countries across Europe, including Turkey (parts of which are considered to be in Europe).
Countries such as the UK, Spain, France and Italy, as well as the Nordic nations, still prefer to make online payments with cards, the research found, while invoicing and direct debits are more popular in Germany. In the Netherlands, an online payment system called iDEAL that lets people make payments through their banks is most commonly used.
However, with the rise of the smartphone and tablet computer, more people are now feeling comfortable using payment technologies, some of which can be integrated into the websites of multi-channel retailers, on these devices to make online payments. With the recent launch in the UK of Apple Pay, for instance, and a number of similar services, the way people are paying for products and services is changing.
Turkey has emerged at the forefront of mobile eCommerce payments, according to the yStats report, while in Eastern Europe, most people opt to pay for their online purchases with cash on delivery, notably in Belarus, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The majority of people in Poland, meanwhile, choose to pay via bank transfer.
In a research summary, yStats said that a common trend around the region was “the rise of mobile payments”, but noted that in places like the UK, some people remained reluctant to use such payment systems because they “would rather trust their bank or PayPal to provide a mobile wallet”. With the seemingly unstoppable rise of mobile technology, however, all that could soon change.

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