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New SMART Notifications Deliver Better Service

Multi-carrier shipping software

New SMART Notifications Deliver Better Service

Parcelhub, which provides services for high volume business mail and parcels through multiple carriers, has developed innovative new software that proactively communicates parcel delivery status allowing issues to be addressed before they escalate.

The SMART notification software has been developed in house, in response to customer feedback and demand. It analyses delivery data and identifies non-deliveries and exceptions, allowing them to be monitored and action taken as required. Because it works as an add-on to existing Parcelhub systems, it doesn’t have the same restrictions as other similar software, meaning it can be used by any merchant, across multiple carriers.
Steve Riley, IT Director at Parcelhub, explained, “Our customers were telling us that they needed something that did more than just track parcels, they needed to be proactively informed as to their status, especially when there were issues surrounding delivery. As a result we developed a process that flags anything out of the ordinary and using a series of rules, notifies both the customer and our own eCommerce support team.”

Steve Riley, IT Director at Parcelhub Limited.

Steve Riley, IT Director at Parcelhub Limited.

Prior to the automated system, exceptions reporting was done manually via a paper report, which was time consuming and inefficient.
The new system allows information to be shared instantly and proactively. Kate Webb, Head of Customer Experience at Parcelhub says this means that it’s not unusual for a non-delivery to be identified, investigated and be sent back out for redelivery before the customer is even aware of any issue.
Kate Webb, Head of Customer Experience at Parcelhub Limited.

Kate Webb, Head of Customer Experience at Parcelhub Limited.

She added, “Offering great customer service is something we take very seriously and the automated reporting system enables us to take this to another level. Going forward, this is the first step towards providing customers with a full logistics support solution, whereby our own eCommerce support team will take on the role of customer service advisor for both the customer and the end receiver.”
Parcelhub currently handles parcel shipping for over 500 eCommerce, eBay and Amazon retailers, moving more than 350,000 parcels per month. Sister company Mail Workshop is the UK’s leading bulk mailing and distribution provider working with brand managers, advertising agencies, printers and publishers. Together they employ 75 people at the Nottingham headquarters and four regional depots across the UK. Combined turnover is £12.72 million for 2014-15.
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For more information on Parcelhub services and sister company Mail Workshop, visit or

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