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Online Retailers Enjoy Record-Breaking Black Friday

Phenomenal Sales at Amazon on Black Friday in the UK

The European eCommerce sector grew by 18.1% in 2014, feeding the ever-hungry giant that is Amazon.

eCommerce Sector Growth in 2014
Black Friday may have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this past weekend; the boys in blue called to defuse riots in the aisles at shopping centres in Manchester, and consumers whipping themselves into a murderous frenzy at the prospect of cheap flat-screen TVs, but eCommerce platforms and online retailers, such as eBay and Amazon, have posted record-breaking sales figures.

There may not have been any armed clashes, but it wasn’t all plain sailing on the virtual high street: the influx of traffic caused some websites to slow to a crawl, while others were inaccessible for most of the day, however most sites managed to weather the storm of bargain hunters stampede-free and with nary a broken nose in sight.

Ecommerce giant Amazon claimed this Black Friday was its biggest and busiest ever, with consumers flocking to the site in search of a good bargain. Millions took advantage of the exclusive deals, stocking their baskets with Kindle Fires, diamond jewellery, Buzz Lightyear Action Figures, mens watches and more.
A staggering 3,000 deals, not counting those launched by private sellers on Amazon’s Marketplace, were dangled in front of hungry shoppers.
According to figures from Amazon, consumers were only too happy to take advantage of the deals and dip into their wallets. The online marketplace shifted over 5.5 millions products, that’s almost 64 items every second.
“Ever since we introduced Black Friday to the UK in 2010, sales have increased year-on-year but this year really has surpassed all of our expectations,” commented Xavier Garambois, Amazon’s EU retail vice president.
Online auction house eBay also did brisk business on Black Friday. ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo claimed sales were up by 20.8% year after year. Like Amazon, eBay partnered up with sellers to offer rolling daily deals.
Overall online sales were up by 8.5% compared to this period last year, proving that Black Friday is becoming as big a hit with online shoppers as it is with traditional brick and mortar stores. Tellingly, 25.61 percent of all conversions were from mobile sales. So, any ecommerce retailers reading this who still haven’t jumped on the mobile bandwagon, would be well advised to join the mobile revolution before Black Friday rolls around again next year.
How did your online business perform throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday? We’d love to know. Please feel free to leave your comments below:

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