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Parcelhub launches hybrid solution to enable legacy systems to integrate into its API

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Parcelhub launches hybrid solution to enable legacy systems to integrate into its API

Solution gives merchants access to Parcelhub’s API without incurring development costs

Parcelhub has launched a hybrid solution for customers currently using legacy order systems or are manually extracting orders from their own OMS to connect to its API for the first time without incurring their own development costs.
The main benefit of File Watcher, the solution, enables these businesses to automate part of their multi-carrier labelling process, saving time and money. The hybrid solution is not a full integration into the Parcelhub API but is a cost-effective option accessing some of the benefits of the API.
Parcelhub API uniquely grants enterprise level retailers, brands and wholesalers direct access to 20+ carriers and 600+ services through a single workflow.
File Watcher makes the API more accessible to mid-sized businesses who will now benefit in the following areas:
• Saves time by booking, sending, managing and tracking parcels automatically through the business’s own system
• Validate and resolve postcode errors, translate foreign characters and consider a range of services when handling an order file
• Accelerates label production with sub 0.5 second label creation time for ZPL labels
• Opportunity to expand a service offering with Parcelhub’s range of mainstream and specialised carrier integrations
• Access unrivalled expertise with Parcelhub’s UK based in-house development team
• Tailored delivery services to suit the product range – including dimension, weight, country and postcode service validation
David Ward-Webster, Implementations and IT Support at Parcelhub, explained: “A small app sits quietly on a client’s device and watches a specific folder for order files.
“When an order file is detected, the app converts the order into XML (the Parcelhub API language) and fires the details off to the Parcelhub API.
“These customers can now set their account to store the details until later or generate and return a shipping label.
“The File Watcher is an excellent opportunity for a business looking to automate part of their labelling process, without having to invest in costly development work.
“It doesn’t replace a full API integration, but it is certainly an excellent cost-effective option.”

About Parcelhub – the bespoke parcel shipping solution

Save time and money. Increase delivery performance. Enhance customer experience.
Parcelhub‘s unique portfolio of tailored delivery management and proactive tracking support sets the innovation agenda for businesses who are serious about making delivery one of their key selling points.
fulfilment and distribution centerFlexible and scalable, Parcelhub integrates seamlessly with marketplaces, eCommerce platforms and order management systems, providing hundreds of multi-channel retailers, global brands and wholesalers with one access point to discounted shipping rates from our carefully selected range of 20+ carrier partners and 600+ services.
Parcelhub is part of the Whistl Group. Whistl is the leading delivery management company enabling customers to get their letters, leaflets or parcels to customers efficiently and cost effectively both in the UK and internationally.

David Ward-Webster

Implementations and IT Support at Parcelhub Ltd

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