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Parcelhub Moves into Fulfilment Services

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Parcelhub Moves into Fulfilment Services

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Parcelhub, the leading multi-carrier shipping and eCommerce solution provider, has added fulfilment services to its unique portfolio of carrier management and tracking support for retailers, brands, wholesalers, printers and publishers.

The Parcelhub fulfilment service can be tailored by companies who need to outsource storage, shipping and stock management of printed matter, apparel, daily deals products, gifts, homewares, PC hardware, novelty goods and subscription boxes.
Nottingham based Mark Rosenberg, Managing Director of Parcelhub said: “Parcelhub customers now have the option to outsource all their supply chain operations with us. Our range of new services include bulk print mailouts, picking and packing, reworking, warehousing, storage and eCommerce order fulfilment.
“We understand that business life is busy and our clients need us to get on with the job in hand quickly and efficiently. We work hard to make sure we’re as responsive as possible; building relationships through dedicated account managers who provide one point of contact and understand the clients’ businesses and their needs as fully as possible.
parcel fulfillment center“We have a wealth of experience working with businesses to meet their distribution needs and we understand that things can shift and alter with very little notice. Because of the way we operate and the processes we have in place we are able to react to these changes swiftly, often with little or no impact on the delivery schedule.
“We know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient distribution partner. After all, without optimal stock levels, customers cannot order and that has a direct impact on our clients’ bottom line.”
Parcelhub was acquired by the Whistl Group in 2018.
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About Parcelhub – Save time and money. Increase delivery performance. Enhance customer experience.

Parcelhub provides a portfolio of tailored delivery management, tracking support and fulfilment solutions to retailers, wholesalers and brands.
Flexible and scalable, Parcelhub solutions integrate seamlessly with marketplaces, eCommerce platforms and order management systems, providing hundreds of multi-channel retailers, global brands and wholesalers with one access point to 20+ carriers and 600+ services.
Parcelhub is part of the Whistl Group. Whistl UK Ltd is a delivery management company and provides Mail, Parcels, Doordrop Media and fulfilment services in the UK and internationally, handling 3.6bn items a year. The company underwent a management buyout in 2015 from PostNL (which retains a 17.5% shareholding) and recent acquisitions include fulfilment company, Prism DM; Parcels business, Parcelhub; and the Spark Ecommerce Group. Headquartered in Marlow, the Whistl group of companies operates across the UK.

Simon Wright

As SEO and Content Marketing Manager at the Whistl Group, Simon has over 10 years' experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and as a result, offers a unique perspective on the pre- and post-checkout delivery experiences. Simon writes regularly for both the Parcelhub and Whistl blogs and is passionate about helping retailers make delivery their competitive advantage.

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