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Parcelhub Puts a FullStop to Inefficient Catalogue Distribution

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Parcelhub Puts a FullStop to Inefficient Catalogue Distribution

A flexible solution to bulk mailings from the UK’s leading print fulfilment provider Mail Workshop has helped multi-channel retailer Herts Fullstop distribute its catalogues more effectively, saving time and money.

The education specialist, which is part of Hertfordshire County Council, provides educational products to a broad customer base across the south east of England.
Four different geographical versions of the catalogue totalling over 16,000 units must be sent to schools, colleges, childminders and other institutions with a very tight turnaround.
Glenn Facey, Head of Sales and Purchasing at Herts FullStop, explained: “Each school or other institution is sent a defined number of catalogues. There are different versions for different geographical locations and it’s vital that every customer receives the number of catalogues they need, at the right time to fit round holiday periods, and for the correct part of the country.”
catalogue distributors and fulfilment uk“The catalogue distribution is our initial point of contact with our customers, so it’s important we get it right.”
In order to meet the exact needs of Herts FullStop, Parcelhub has developed a bespoke distribution solution. Each print run is delivered directly to Parcelhub’s warehouse where they are sorted, counted and repacked ready to be sent to customers. There is enough flexibility in the service to allow dates and quantities to change without compromising the final result and Parcelhub prides itself on this ability to react fast to the changing requirements of its clients.
Mark Rosenberg, Managing Director at Parcelhub said, “We have a wealth of experience working with businesses to meet their distribution needs and we understand that things can shift and alter with very little notice. Because of the way we operate and the processes we have in place we are able to react to these changes swiftly, often with little or no impact on the delivery schedule.
“We know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient distribution partner. After all, without a catalogue, customers cannot order and that has a direct impact on our clients’ bottom line.”

Parcelhub is one of the UK’s leading catalogue fulfilment and distribution providers, working with brand managers, advertising agencies, printers and publishers.

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Parcelhub handles parcel shipping on behalf of hundreds of printers, wholesalers, brands and retailers, distributing more than 6 million parcels annually.

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