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Parcelhub Streamlines Customer Service

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Parcelhub Streamlines Customer Service

Parcelhub has developed a new internal ticketing system to help the customer service team track and solve customer enquiries more efficiently.

Customer service for small online businessA significant internal change, it combines a number of current procedures to make monitoring and responding to queries simpler and quicker for both customers and the customer service team.
The system has been built entirely by in-house developers and as a result is a completely bespoke solution, designed to meet the challenges of parcel delivery management now and into the future. The whole business has been involved in the build process and the developers have worked closely with the relevant departments to identify current frustrations and future needs with a view to creating an end result that really works.
Yashica Christian is one of the software developers involved. She said, “The main focus was on streamlining the processes; dealing with each ticket faster so we can handle a greater volume overall.
“We’ve put a number of things in place to speed things up. Email templates have been set up which can be automatically populated with the relevant information, and tracking numbers are now linked to customer and courier details so this data doesn’t need to be filled in manually on new tickets.”
“As well as being faster, this also reduces the likelihood of errors. Similarly, the new system includes an integrated communication platform which allows emails to be sent through the ticketing system and the information logged. Previously agents were using a separate email platform which relied on everyone accurately copying and pasting all the relevant details. Now it is recorded automatically and messages can be sent to all relevant parties at the touch of a button.”
“It also automatically creates an audit trail – each time the ticket is updated or changed it records a time-stamp and the name of user doing it. This means that anyone can see at a glance the status of a ticket and what correspondence has taken place, which prevents both clients and customers being passed around the team trying to find answers.”
As well as speeding up the process, the new system has also been designed to provide improved management and reporting capabilities, which can be used to identify regular issues and flag them to clients, helping them to become more efficient.
Retail Parcel Delivery and Customer SupportStacey Footitt, Customer Service Manager (pictured), explained, “By clicking on a particular ticket, a customer service agent can see how and why it was raised and by who. This information can be regularly exported so we can track the volume of tickets being raised, through which channels and the reasons. If something is cropping up regularly we can highlight this to the client and step into investigate.”
“From a management point of view we are able to prioritise tickets, check and update address data and set up investigations where parcels have not been delivered, all through one single platform. It makes everything much simpler.”
“There is still a way to go; ultimately we want to be able to integrate with our clients’ systems further, so that they can raise tickets themselves and view what is being done in real-time. The way our software is developed also means we could build versions of the same system that our clients could use internally, so they see double the benefit.”

Parcelhub is a flexible and scalable eCommerce and wholesale parcel shipping solution, which distributes more than 4 million parcels annually on behalf of hundreds of start-ups, omnichannel retailers and wholesalers.


Sister company Mail Workshop is one of Europe’s leading Print and eCommerce fulfilment providers, working with brand managers, advertising agencies, publishers and printers to provide product and print matter storage, fulfilment and distribution.


Together they employ 85 people at the Nottingham headquarters and three regional depots across the UK.

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