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ecommerce shipping case study uk 2021

Pictured - Founders Megan Scaddan and Wade Smith.   Online and high street food retailer enjoys strong growth throughout the 2020 pandemic, increases customer delivery choice, accesses ‘pooled volume’ discounted shipping rates and saves hundreds of hours annually on order processing, thanks to the introduction of Parcelhub, the leading provider of multi-carrier delivery management and outsourced tracking support. Total UK consumer spending is expected to fall by a...

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leaders in logistics last mile delivery

Mark Rosenberg, Founder and Managing Director of Parcelhub, will be speaking about the impact of failed deliveries at Leaders in Logistics: Last Mile Delivery, Stamford Bridge, London on 27th June 2019. This conference will bring together key industry stakeholders: innovative logistics and postal operators, exciting delivery start-ups, solutions providers and retailers.   With a dedicated discussion on technological innovation, Mark will be detailing real-life examples of how...

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managing customer expectations and priorities in courier shipping systems 2019

The ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” has never been more apposite. In the UK, Brexit – and the uncertainty around how that may play out – dominates the news. Internationally, the Trump administration’s declaration of trade wars – along with late night tweets interfering in, among other trade matters, Brexit – are destabilising. The fear of extreme weather as climate change...

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