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The battle for India’s eCommerce market heats up

eCommerce in India

The battle for India’s eCommerce market heats up

The battle for India’s eCommerce market has been raging for sometime, with three major eCommerce corporations fighting it out to lay claim to this emerging market: Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart. Ever since Amazon entered the Indian market back in 2013, the three companies have constantly been battling for control of the market, and have been exchanging barbs on Facebook, Twitter, and in their respective blogs. However, as the battle for India almost reaches its third year, things are starting to heat up.

This week, the social media accounts for each of the companies have been involved in a back and forth on Facebook and Twitter, each claiming to have control over the market at the expense of their eCommerce rivals. So far, the most inflammatory remark has been related to a picture posted on social media, which showed an Amazon box at the steps of the Flipkart headquarters, with Amazon quickly suggesting that Flipkart’s staff preferred to order from their rival, rather than their own website.
However, whilst this may all seem like a bit of a laugh and joke, the battle for India’s eCommerce market is no laughing matter. Whichever company dominates this relatively new market stands to make significant gains in terms of profits and company profile.

What does this mean for eCommerce distribution globally?

The battle for India’s eCommerce market shows us just how important expansion is to the major eCommerce corporations around the world. Whereas the European and American markets are now relatively stable in terms of market share and domination, Asia is still a fairly new market, and whoever moves fastest out of Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal will make the most profits. In terms of eCommerce fulfilment, the willingness of these three corporations to go to war tells us that all three of them will already have in place the mechanisms by which to expand their order fulfilment processes to accommodate new customers in India and across Asia. Finally, for UK based Amazon sellers, this battle for India could mean that your products become available to even more customers worldwide, potentially increasing your profits and sales over time. For now, however, we will have to wait and see who wins the battle for India’s eCommerce market.

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