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The One Production Issue that will Stop you Winning POS Work

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The One Production Issue that will Stop you Winning POS Work

POS production is valuable route to increasing your print profits!


Many printing companies are looking to increase their offerings in today’s competitive print market. One of the ways that has shown good profits over recent years is to move into the wide format market. A number of studies have shown that companies have consistently won new customers and improved profits by investing in wide format equipment.

One of the most obvious ways to win a consistent flow of wide format work is to offer solutions in the POS market. Retailers are consistently having to become more creative on their shop floors. Consumers expect to have a wide range of rapidly changing retail environments and regular offers. This is all good news for the POS printing company.

Nevertheless, there is a big barrier to breaking into this market

It is generally pretty easy to service a couple of small retail stores. However, that is not going to be enough to keep your wide format presses busy. If you want a consistent flow of POS work then you are going to have to go out and win some larger contracts. And that’s where the problems can come in.
Producing POS print is often the easy bit of fulfilling a contract. With the right workflow most printing companies are usually able to produce the wide range of on-demand work that retailers looking for these days. The challenge is getting the POS material out to the stores.

Let’s look at the distribution challenges in more detail

The first issue is the size and fragility of many POS pieces. You can easily be trying to find a courier service that is happy to put pieces that can be up to 1m long into their system. Many courier services don’t like handling this sort of consignment. The size is often not convenient for their automated handling systems. Even if you do find a supplier that is ready to handle this sort of consignment size, the low size-to-weight ratio means that there is usually a hefty surcharge on the delivery cost.
This can be challenging enough if you are simply looking to deliver this type of consignment now and again. But imagine trying to find the right supplier who can manage several hundred of these items on a regular basis!
The requirements of many retails chains can also be very demanding. There are specific packing requirements and delivery schedules. It is vital that you have the right software to produce all the right labelling and booking-in materials. In addition you have to have confidence that all the deliveries will be made correctly.
Finally, most retailers will expect comprehensive delivery reporting systems. You will have to track pick-ups and deliveries, often in real time. Some clients will expect this information online. Others will expect you to send through detailed reports on a regular basis.

So how do you find the right print distribution services?

This often isn’t just about finding one company that can make the deliveries for you. You will usually need a multi-carrier solution. A range of different providers will be necessary to cope with fluctuating demand and volume.
Naturally, that makes the reporting even more difficult. It will be necessary to monitor the performance of several suppliers and then bring all this together into one report for your client. Many printing companies just don’t have the time or resource to manage this sort of activity.

Consider using a distribution fulfilment partner for this type of work

Rather than trying to manage all this on your own, it can be easier to work with a specialist POS fulfilment partner who has expertise in this area. They will know which carriers work well for this environment. They will have access to competitive pricing and be able to advise on the best type of agreement for your particular situation.
You should also try and find a partner that can manage the reporting for you as well. Outsourcing this element of the process can make a big difference to successfully managing a big retail POS contract.
When looking for the right partner for this type of work, make sure that you choose one that can demonstrate experience in this sector already. You are likely to be learning a lot about POS contracts if you have just invested in this type of printing capability. It is important to have partners that understand POS and can help you deliver and fulfil a contract successfully. In addition, having their expertise on board may well help you to successfully win POS tenders.

Here are three action points if you are considering moving into the POS market

1. Firstly, and most importantly, take time to consider if POS is the right move for you. There may be a considerable culture change for your company.
2. If you do decide to move into this market take time to sit down and talk with potential clients. They will be able to tell you exactly hat they are looking for so that you can develop the right systems and the right partners.
3. Next, it is time to find the right partners to work with so that you have the right supply chain to offer potential clients. Naturally, you should take time to talk to Parcelhub on +44 (0)115 948 1110 as we have good experience in delivering the right distribution solution in the POS sector.

POS production is a valuable route to increasing your print profits

However, you should be aware of all the challenges before you enter the market. You should certainly be confident that you can offer your clients the right distribution solution.
P.S. Make sure that you read our Point of Sale Fulfilment case study in which we helped one printing company successfully deliver the right result in the POS market and grow their business.

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