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Tips for Selling Products on Amazon

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Tips for Selling Products on Amazon

In addition to selling products through their own warehouses, Amazon allows users to sell their own products through the site. If you’ve got a few books that you never read, for example, you can put them up on Amazon and try to get some of your money back. This process isn’t quite like eBay, however, so it’s important to make sure that you’re approaching this idea the right way before putting a product online. There are a few key things that you can try to make sure that all of your products sell in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable amount of money.
Be realistic about the price you set. Just because you think a particular rare book is worth $100 doesn’t mean that’s the price someone is actually willing to pay. Likewise, just because you looked up an old comic book in a price guide doesn’t mean you’re actually going to get the stated value. Look at what other people are selling the same product for on Amazon. Pay close attention to the lowest price. If you want to sell a particular product quickly, undercut the current lowest price by a dollar.
Be honest about the condition of your product. Be as detailed as possible. People feel more comfortable shopping online when they have all the information available to them. When a person buys a product directly from Amazon they know they are getting something that is brand new. When purchasing from an Amazon Marketplace Seller, someone is more likely to buy what you’re selling if you give an accurate and detailed description of the product. Don’t just write “Like New.” If there are scuff marks on the cover of a book, state them in the description.
Answer any questions or concerns as quickly as possible. This goes for both past and current buyers. One of the many things that go into the rating for your Amazon Marketplace account is how quickly you interact with your potential customers. If a person e-mails you with a question, try to get back to them as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to reply to correspondence, the lower your Amazon rating is going to drop.
Always protect yourself by getting delivery confirmation when you ship a product. Selling on Amazon isn’t always about protecting the customer. Sometimes you’ve got to look out for yourself, too. People have said that Amazon is more likely to side with a customer than with a seller in a dispute, so always make sure you at least purchase delivery confirmation so you can have irrefutable proof that an item arrived on time at its destination.
Don’t forget about Amazon’s fee. Amazon typically takes a small percentage of the sale price of an item as a fee for using their services in the first place. Take this into consideration when setting your prices. Don’t be surprised if Amazon’s fee is more than their shipping credit, which means that you’re actually going to have to pay money out of your own pocket to ship a particular item to its eventual destination.

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