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Some useful info before you start buying or selling on eBay

Beginner's Guide to Selling on eBay

Who invented eBay?

eBay was founded and conceptualized by serial entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar in 1995. Born in Paris to Iranian parents, Pierre emigrated to the USA and began studying computer coding in his 20s, soon to become a tour de force in the emergent e-commerce sector.

who invented ebay

What is eBay?

eBay is a global marketplace where you can buy and sell almost anything. Sales are both under the traditional auction format and at a fixed price (just like on Amazon). Founded in 1995, eBay now operates in 39 markets worldwide, and as of October 2014, eBay currently has over 276 million registered users; each day more than 6.7 million new items are submitted for sale worldwide.
How do I register to sell on eBay?
To buy and sell on eBay, you need to first register as a member, even if you are already a eBay member. However, it is totally free to be a member on eBay, just like on eBay.
How do I sell on eBay?
On eBay, you can sell both as an individual and as a company. Before you can post your ad on eBay, you need to verify your identity and create a “Sellers Account” (sales account). You do this by registering a credit card or via the “ID verification#. Remember to offer your buyers secure payment option, such as PayPal.
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How do I buy products on eBay?
When you find an item you want to bid on, it is always good practice to look at the seller’s reviews. When you are ready to place your bid, click the “Place bid” (Make offer). Then, enter your maximum bid.
eBay Shipping and Customs
eBay sellers must always specify shipping method – and often also the shipping cost. If it does not say how much an item will cost to send we recommend that you ask the seller before you bid or buy the item. eBay has many informative pages about the shipping and the issues that can crop up. According to eBay’s policies and guidelines, the freight should be charged according to their official postage table.
When buying items over a certain value from outside of the European Union, the goods have to be cleared through customs. Rules in different countries can vary. For finding the rules that are relevant in your case, you can turn to Customs. Some sellers send their items with shipping agents offering shipping “Door to Door”. That is to say that the product collected from the seller, shipped, and delivered right to the home buyer. Please check one more time on the carrier’s website whether the tax and customs fees are included, or if they are paid separately.
How do I pay for an item?
When you pay for an item you purchased on eBay, we recommend that you use PayPal. PayPal was founded in 1998 and is the leading internet based global payments processor. With PayPal, you can pay and receive money over the Internet in a convenient, easy and safe way. PayPal services are available to both individuals and businesses. It’s free to pay with PayPal. The beneficiary pays a small transaction fee, but no lay-up or monthly costs.

How does eBay’s seller rating system work?

When you have received your item, you are given the opportunity to leave feedback to the seller. The rating system is important for the safety and security when shopping online. Always check recent seller feedback to guarantee a seamless and fast purchase.

Where can I learn more about safe trade on eBay?

When you shop on eBay, bear these factors in mind –

– Create a secure password
– Never respond to emails that ask for your personal information to protect yourself against identity theft and other crimes.
– Use secure payment options such as PayPal – NEVER pay “instant money transfers” such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

eBay legislation

All eBay sites are locally adapted to the country where they operate. This means that local law applies, except the rules that eBay practice globally. Each site has policies and rules that are customized for each market and its conditions.
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