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Cost-effective and lightning fast shipping
for eBay and Amazon sellers

Cut your eBay and Amazon shipping costs with Parcelhub's free and bespoke multi-carrier software.

Simple and quick label creation

eBay seller shipping discountsCreate and print labels, upload tracking numbers and update parcel statuses. Having lots of orders is a great situation to be in, but creating those labels is a pain, not to mention changing parcel statuses and uploading tracking numbers. The Parcelhub web despatch system will do all of this for you, with only three clicks of a mouse.


Built into the Parcelhub web despatch system is an integration option for both eBay and Amazon.


Any orders that have been paid for but not despatched will load ready to be turned into a label.


After clicking create, Parcelhub despatch will print your labels and automatically update order statuses and tracking numbers on the selling platform sites.


Once your label has been created you can print out all of the specific labels, or one at a time. We even have a pick and pack option, letting you print our the specific label as you print out the goods.

Parcel delivery management solutions for medium and high volume eBay and Amazon sellers

What about the cost savings?


In a nutshell, Parcelhub gets amazing deals on shipping services because we send hundreds of thousands of parcels per month.


Parcelhub also takes on lots of the workload a courier traditionally would. This gives us increased control, adaptability and savings. It also means we can offer top quality support, without being completely dependent on our carrier partners.


Read more about what we offer on our customer services info page.

The best prices, with help all the way


It’s always good to have a little help. Along with our exceptionally good pricing, Parcelhub brings a host of free tools and a wealth of experience. Expanding your business, or starting up online, can be difficult. But if you are sending 10 or more items a day, Parcelhub can provide a proven end-to-end solution that saves you time and money.


Don’t struggle alone.


As a startup selling online, you will need the best prices to optimise your margins. With Parcelhub you get the bulk discount of a company sending thousands of parcels a day. You also get the full support of our IT and customer service teams, and a dedicated sales/account manager to help you set up and maintain your account.


What do you get with Parcelhub?


Free integrations and

full IT support

All of our integrations and extensions are completely free when you ship your items with Parcelhub. The result is cost-effective, efficient label production and order management. From purchase to despatch, Parcelhub makes the job easier.