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Dispatch Management System

Easy to use web-based dispatch management system that is a complete carrier management console;
create, delete, clone and reprint shipping labels from any device, anywhere, at any time.

The Parcelhub Web Despatch system, when coupled with a Parcelhub account, is a ‘no install required’, instantly accessible shipping solution that allows shipment management from any PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.


Flexible and reliable enough to handle hundreds of order from multiple sources, Parcelhub Web Despatch is a single interface which manages all of your orders and carriers. It provides full shipment control, with extra features to speed up packing and label production.

dispatch manager online

Unique Features:


  • No install required
  • Services from 20+ carrier partners available through a single interface
  • UK address validation
  • Integrations with major selling platforms, OMS and WMS including eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify and more
  • Flexibility to accept any CSV order file
  • Pick lists and pack mode
  • Complete shipment management options including deleting, cloning and reprinting

Simple to Use:


Each section and process of the Parcelhub Web Despatch system is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Simple to use, but extremely effective, it will take minutes to start shipping hundreds of parcels. For a more bespoke solution, learn about the Parcelhub Shipping API.


Once you have your username and password, you can start shipping. It’s as easy as adding your address, adding the number of parcels and selecting a service.

parcel dispatch manager
Parcel despatch manager online



Integrations are a fantastic way of processing a large number of shipments in a quick and easy manner. A cornerstone of the Web Despatch system is the range of integrations available. If you can produce an order file, Parcelhub can process it.


Pick List and Packing Station:


The Parcelhub Web Despatch system also provides a Pick and Pack section. Following an integration, use Parcelhub to produce a pick list for your orders, and using Pack Mode, create and print the labels you need on demand. No need to wade through a stack of labels, or to create them as you pack. Save time and minimise workload with this excellent free feature.

Additional Features:


  • Access to ‘pooled volume’ discounted rates
  • eCommerce customer support available
  • International postcode to city pairing
  • Single and bulk label creation
  • Address book feature
  • Linked to Parcelhub courier tracking
  • Fast and reliable 24 hour label production
  • Manifest production
  • Supports several label printing languages
E-commerce label printing

Four reasons why you should send your parcels with Parcelhub:

business shipping rates uk 2020
‘Pooled volume’ discounted rates from UK and international carriers

Parcelhub distributes more than 500,000 parcels per month, on behalf of hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and high street brands.

Carrier Management Software UK
Free multi-carrier parcel shipping management software

Our free carrier management software seamlessly integrates with your current platform, granting you access to discounted rates from our carrier partners.

Multiple Carriers Global Tracking
Choose from a diverse range of parcel shipping providers

Parcelhub advises you on volume shipping best practices, enabling you to choose the most appropriate carriers to suit your product range or business model.

eCommerce Customer Support Software
UK-based eCommerce customer support and SMART solutions

Once you send a parcel out the door and it hits the carrier’s network, Parcelhub’s groundbreaking eCommerce support team deals with queries on your behalf – as you.

Bespoke multi-carrier parcel dispatching system

Parcelhub is a flexible and scalable eCommerce and wholesale parcel dispatching solution, that integrates seamlessly with your OMS/WMS. Multi-channel eCommerce platforms are easily integrated and dedicated pro-active parcel management comes as standard.