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Enterprise carrier management

Sending 5000, 500 or even 20 parcels a day? Save time and money, improve delivery performance. and enhance customer experience with Parcelhub - the bespoke enterprise carrier management solution.

Hundreds of multi-channel retailers, brands and wholesalers trust Parcelhub’s range of bespoke delivery management and tracking support solutions.

Save time:

  • Accelerate your label production
  • Single point of contact
  • Single interface to 20+ carriers and 300+ services
  • Integration with a wide range of eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, OMS, WMS, ERP and EMS systems
  • Single invoice for multiple carriers
Enterprise carrier management Europe 2019

Save money:

  • Free user-friendly software
  • Save up to 80% on your existing rates
  • Increased buying power
  • Parcelhub ships 6+ million parcels annually
  • ‘Pooled volume’ discounted rates
  • Part of the Whistl Group who ship 3.7bn items annually

Improve delivery performance:

  • Innovative SMART Notifications platform
  • Option to outsource order fulfilment
  • Branded Carrier Notifications
  • Robust carrier relationships
  • Software-only (SaaS) shipping available as an option
SaaS shipping and logistics provider
E-commerce logistics and customer services support API for developers

Enhance customer experience:

  • Proactive customer services
  • Outsourced Tracking Support
  • Customer-centric Accounts Portal
  • Dedicated Account Management team
  • In-house software development team
  • Multi-carrier Analytics and Reporting
  • Sales channel reporting

Four reasons why you should send your parcels with Parcelhub:

business shipping rates uk 2020
‘Pooled volume’ discounted rates from UK and international carriers

As of February 2016, Parcelhub is shipping in excess of 500,000 parcels per month, on behalf of hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and high street brands.

Carrier Management Software UK
Free multi-carrier parcel shipping management software

Our free carrier management software seamlessly integrates with your current platform, granting you access to discounted rates from our carrier partners.

Multiple Carriers Global Tracking
Choose from a diverse range of parcel shipping providers

Parcelhub advises you on volume shipping best practices, enabling you to choose the most appropriate carriers to suit your product range or business model.

eCommerce Customer Support Software
UK-based eCommerce customer support and SMART solutions

Once you send a parcel out the door and it hits the carrier’s network, Parcelhub’s groundbreaking eCommerce support team deals with queries on your behalf – as you.

Bespoke multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions

Parcelhub is a flexible and scalable eCommerce and wholesale parcel shipping solution, that integrates seamlessly with your OMS/WMS. Multi-channel eCommerce platforms are easily integrated and dedicated pro-active parcel management comes as standard.