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Learn more about Parcelhub shipping software, customer services, pricing and more.
Is Parcelhub software really free?

Yes! No licence fee, no install or account set-up charges, free updates whilst ever you are using us and we will also set up simple integrations for free. You also get our customer service support and tracking site, email notifications for your customers and interactive SMS* (*carrier specific).

Why should I use Parcelhub to send my parcels?

Parcelhub’s large contracts with mainstream carriers allow for lowest-in-industry unit costs. In other words, you will save money sending your parcels with Parcelhub. Not only will we drastically reduce the rates you are currently paying by going direct to the delivery provider (e.g. DHL, UK Mail, DX, Whistl, UPS), we also provide free software to integrate with your current system, whether you are using an eCommerce platform such as Magento, or even your Amazon or eBay store.

Is Parcelhub compatible with eBay and Amazon?

Yes, Parcelhub has a built-in integration that allows you to feed all your order data directly from your seller management tool. Our technical staff are always on hand to help and can visit your premises to set the integration up with you. Once running, you can save ALL orders to either an address book for later use, a shipment screen for editing or send directly to print.

Can Parcelhub collect parcels from my house or warehouse?

If you are in an area as yet not covered by our own collection vehicles, you can still send your parcels using our discounted rates and we organise regular or ad-hoc collections directly with the carrier. Parcelhub are currently collecting using our own vehicles in the East Midlands, West Midlands, East London, Essex and South Yorkshire areas. So long as you are sending out a sufficient amount of parcels (usually averaging 20 per day) our sales executives will be happy to quote.

Can we drop off our parcels at a Parcelhub site?

Yes, we can accept parcels at any of our sites from clients with accounts. For more information please use our contact form or call Landline +44 (0) 1159 503 018.

How does Parcelhub software work?

Parcelhub is software that has been produced using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, and is powered by over 2 million hand-written lines of code… All of which is pretty complicated! In layman’s terms, we produce the data, manifests and labels to each individual carrier’s IT specifications on our own servers and then provide our clients with an easy to use interface with which our discounted parcel services, through which multiple carriers are accessed.

How do I create carrier labels for Parcelhub?

If you are a medium-to-high-volume user (usually averaging a minimum of 20 parcels per day) you will be provided with a label printer and free labels. You may however ship on a lower volume, ad-hoc basis, using our website and print to any media. Some of our clients who bring their parcels to us will put the shipments on the website and we print the labels on receipt of their parcels.

Which Order Management Systems (OMS) is Parcelhub software compatible with?

Parcelhub can be integrated with any Order Management System and also with any Multi-Channel Order Manager (such as Netsuite, Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor, Brightpearl etc.) The stages and complexity differ depending on the client’s needs and the OMS in use. Anything from a .CSV or XML file to direct database connections can be used to funnel order data into Parcelhub and our boffins will discuss any aspect of your automation process and help with the set-up with your IT team for free.

Do I need Parcelhub software to use your parcel services?

No. Not all our clients use the desktop software, we provide a website for lower volume users (or trial periods) and also an API that your developers can use to access parcel services and tracking information. Call +44 (0) 1159 503 018 or fill out our contact form for more details.

How do I get an account?

Use our online form to get in touch, call us on Freephone: 0808 168 6013 / International +44 (0) 1159 503 018 and we will happily discuss the best options and costs for your parcel traffic.

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