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Are you getting bogged down by logistics?

Parcelhub distributes millions of items annually on behalf of eCommerce retailers, empowering businesses just like yours to save time and money, increase delivery performance and enhance customer experience.

Are you trying to carry out the fulfilment of all your customer orders yourself? It’s a huge task. You need to manage every order that comes in. You are looking at dealing with deliveries, repacking stock and creating individual parcels for each of your customers. Even if you outsource some of the warehousing, you still have to manage stock levels, manage the IT and deal with all the customer queries.

This has a huge drain on your resources. Logistics can be a very high outlay for many companies. The biggest cost is often the time of all the staff who suddenly become involved with logistics. Many people are diverted from their key roles as logistics queries suck up their time. This has a massive impact on smaller eCommerce retailers.

Parcelhub specialises in working with eCommerce retailers


Don’t you wish you could focus on marketing your brand and your products rather than worrying about operational issues? Wouldn’t it be nice it you could concentrate on your key business strategies rather than day-to-day details? That’s why you should speak to Mail Workshop.


We currently work with over 300 eCommerce retailers. We provide a full warehousing and logistics solution. We rework your deliveries and store your stock. We pack all deliveries as you require and deal with your packaging suppliers on your behalf. We also report on exactly what is happening and provide full stock management for you.


Naturally, we have a very comprehensive IT solution. We are used to integrating with all the leading eCommerce shopping portals, so you don’t have to worry about sending us the right information. We know what’s needed as soon as you do. And we are used to turning orders round the day that they are received. Of course, our solution is fully scalable: we are here to grow with you.

Here’s why you should choose Parcelhub

Parcelhub distributes over 6 million parcels every year and you will have direct access to our carrier agreements. This means you have access to exactly the right delivery solutions for you at highly competitive rates. You are likely to be very happy with the changes we can make to your distribution costs!