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How do you handle multi-copy deliveries of your publication effectively?

Parcelhub specialises in making bulk deliveries for a large number of publishing companies. We offer a range of solutions to fit your exact needs.

Most printing companies and mailing houses run their businesses as efficiently as possible. They are focused on wrapping magazines and catalogues through their mailing lines. So they are set up specifically to post a single copy to each address. If you want to deliver more than one copy to an address you often have to send two separate items in the post!

Larger deliveries are packed by hand. This often means taking staff away from running the mailing machines. So they are told to get on with the hand packing as quickly as possible. That’s when mistakes happen.

Next, the bulk deliveries are sent by standard courier. That’s often an expensive way to distribute these items. Most printing companies and mailing houses don’t have enough courier business to allow them to get a competitive price for these services.

Surely there must be a better solution?

Parcelhub has a dedicated bulk copy service


We specialise in making bulk deliveries for a large number of publishing companies. We offer a range of solutions to fit your exact needs. You can deliver your bulk copies to us. We will then carry out all the repacking and labelling with our team of dedicated staff. They are used to dealing with this type of work effectively day in, day out.


Alternatively, if you don’t want us to handle the repacking of the bulk deliveries, we send our courier to pick up directly from your supplier. Naturally, we handle all the administration of the pick up on your behalf.


Whichever solution you choose, we analyse your deliveries and work out exactly the best, and most competitively priced, delivery solution for you. We can also handle the creation of all the labels. This is another element that doesn’t always fit in well with a mailing company or printing company workflow. Our bespoke software can integrate with your systems and produce the labels swiftly and automatically.

Fulfilment by Parcelhub reduces your costs

We have access to a whole range of flexible delivery options. We choose the one that best suits your campaign. Parcelhub carries over 6 million parcels every year and you will have direct access to our carrier agreements. That means you have access to exactly the right solutions for you at extremely competitive rates.


Hundreds of printers, publishers, multichannel retailers, wholesalers and global brands outsource print fulfilment, bulk mailing of catalogues, brochures, POS and magazines with Parcelhub.