History of Parcelhub

The introduction of bespoke carrier management.

The idea to start a new company began in 2009 after Mail Workshop (our sister company) successfully integrated DHL UK (Yodel) software with existing clients’ OMS systems; on the 12th March 2010, Parcelhub Limited was incorporated.


Growing at 41% in Financial Year 2016/17, Parcelhub trades with hundreds of retailers, brands and wholesalers, offering services from 20+ carrier partners including Yodel, DHL, UK Mail and Parcelforce. Services include parcel delivery management, tracking, and customer service support. We now offer a web-based parcel despatching solution, but rather than publish a website and hope to catch customers “on-the-fly”, we market our site and services to various smaller businesses and start-ups, offering them a complete despatching solution with full track and trace facilities.


Parcelhub Growth – October 2011 to November 2016:

Parcel volume growth in the UK eCommerce sector

The name Parcelhub was given to an idea to create our own parcel despatching software in the summer of 2008. The software was originally developed in conjunction with the former DHL CAS-LINK system (now Yodel) and allowed Mail Workshop Limited to give its clients, (wherever they may be in the country) access to a range of UK and International parcel services, with the added benefits of our competitive rates and customer service support.

Retail delivery management

Since autumn 2008 to the present day Parcelhub has been installed, and is in daily use, on-site in more than 500 UK companies. Parcelhub and UK services are also accessed and used by several companies in mainland Europe and the USA.

Parcel delivery companies in the uk that are designed for businesses

In testimony to our business acumen, our first 3 clients who started with us in the autumn of 2008 still trade with us today.


The services that Parcelhub offered were increased in 2009 by the addition of Parcelhub’s own tracking site that shows parcel status views in a unique way.


The tracking site and its functionality is in constant development with the addition of further carriers (most recently DX, and Hermes’ next day service). Initially we offered emailing by status whereby a client or end-user could receive email notifications for events such as “carded” or “refused” etc. but this has now since been deprecated and replaced with carrier notifications; specifically the introduction of in-flight changes and delivery window notifications.


Over the years the Parcelhub software has developed in both the number of carriers’ services we offer and increased functionality.

Parcelhub software development timeline


•  DHL CAS-Link for UK Express parcels

•  DHL European Road Services



•  HDNL services

•  Track #1 developed with all-parcel view and multiple carriers on one screen



•  Parcelforce Services for UK and International



•  Applied and integrated the new Yodel services

•  UK Mail’s UK services added

•  DHL international Air, new Road Services for Europe and DHL Domestic

•  Parcelhub appears as an option on the Collect+ website and is used by our clients’ customers to return their parcels (http://www.collectplus.co.uk/returns/new/parcelhub)



•  City Link services added

•  Pro-forma invoice printing for international shipments

•  Automated emailing sending a tracking link to the end recipient

•  Carrier label print to PDF and Windows native

•  Hermes services added

•  Night Freight added



•  Project “Strawberry” website despatching started

•  Automated eBay & Amazon integration

•  Yodel International for Ireland and Channel Islands implemented

•  Parcelforce re-written to include fast EPL and ZPL label printing

•  Collect Plus return labels generated from existing client details



•   Web shipping via web.parcelhub.net in use

•   Automated emailing by event scan to the end recipient and/or the shipper

•   Parcelhub European Parcel Service launched, a road service into Europe

•   Addition of international Parcelforce labels

•   Updated address book for international shipment details

•   DPD services added



•  Addition of a further 4 carrier service providers, namely TNT, Whistl, Interpost and UPS


•   New SMART Notifications deliver better service

•   Parcelhub invests in eCommerce Support Team

•   Addition of DPD International Services

•   Parcelhub launches ground-breaking Ecommerce Customer Service package

•   Parcelhub develops a new internal ticketing system

•   Addition of a further 5 carrier service providers, namely SkyNet, Panther Logistics, ArrowXL, Hermes International and Palletforce

•   New OMS integrations with SAP Anywhere, Brightpearl, and MintSoft



•   Addition of Royal Mail and Launch of new site

•   Parcelhub Launches Shopify Integration

•   Parcelhub Increases Efficiency with Customer-Centric Accounts Portal

•   Parcelhub Releases WooCommerce Shipping Integration

•   Parcelhub Introduces Dedicated Account Management team



•   Parcelhub Connects Shipping and Tracking with New Portal

•   PH Messaging deprecated

•   Carrier notifications upgrades; introduction of in-flight changes and delivery window notifications

•   Parcelhub Enforces the Use of Secure Communication to Protect Customer Data

•   Parcelhub and Mail Workshop are acquired by Whistl

The key drivers of Parcelhub’s success:

Business Shipping Rates UK
‘Pooled volume’ discounted rates from UK and international carriers

Parcelhub ships more than 500,000 parcels per month, on behalf of hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and high street brands. The net result of this is ‘pooled volume’ discounted rates from our mainstream carrier partners.

Carrier Management Software UK
Free multi-carrier parcel shipping management software

Our free carrier management software seamlessly integrates with your current platform, granting you access to discounted rates from our carrier partners.

Multiple Carriers Global Tracking
Choose from a diverse range of parcel shipping providers

Parcelhub advises you on volume shipping best practices, enabling you to choose the most appropriate carriers to suit your product range or business model.

eCommerce Customer Support Software
UK-based eCommerce customer support and SMART solutions

Once you send a parcel out the door and it hits the carrier’s network, Parcelhub’s groundbreaking eCommerce support team deals with queries on your behalf – as you.

Parcel delivery designed for your business

Whether you are an eCommerce start-up, global brand, wholesaler or SME retailer, Parcelhub empowers you to access ‘pooled volume’ discounted rates from our carefully selected range of carrier partners.