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Do you struggle to make sure your outlets have everything they need at the right time?

Parcelhub specialises in handling your complicated distribution requirements. We love dealing with anything bulky or heavy where there is a pick and pack requirement, or where multiple copies need to be delivered to the same address.

What happens when your outlets don’t have the right marketing materials? Do your campaigns suffer because the right marketing materials are not in place by the right deadlines? Are you becoming frustrated because outlets find it simpler to order their own materials? Does this result in campaigns failing to achieve the right results, or in your brand being compromised?

Making sure that everything is in place at outlets is hard work for the central team. They frequently have to deal with multiple orders from many suppliers. The distribution costs can rise rapidly, with all the different individual deliveries.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a solution that could handle all this for you? Imagine having a specialist to make sure that you were minimising your distribution costs. What would it mean for your results if your team could concentrate on the main focus of their jobs rather than being distracted by time consuming and costly administration of distribution?

Introducing the Parcelhub Outlet Distribution Network

This solution has been specifically created for chains of retail outlets, trade counters and wholesalers. It offers cost-effective and efficient distribution of print marketing, catalogues, point of sale material and all the other bulky or heavy goods that your outlets need.

We pick up your items from your suppliers. We store your items and pick and pack them according to the requirements of your outlets, who order directly from us. We consolidate all items to ensure that your distribution costs are as low as possible. We can offer tracked courier services at a more competitive rate than many untracked alternatives. Naturally, you receive regular full reporting on orders, deliveries and stock holding.

We offer a no-commitment audit of your distribution system. We show you exactly how much you could be saving against your current solution.

Here’s the Parcelhub difference

What makes Parcelhub stand out from the competition is our unique software solution. This means that your outlets can track their deliveries directly through our system. In addition, we offer a pro-active SMART Notification system which ensures that your outlets know exactly what is happening to their deliveries in real time.


Remember, we distribute over 6 million parcels every year and you will have direct access to our carrier agreements. This means you have access to exactly the right shipping solutions at highly competitive rates.