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Support overview

Whether you need to contact technical support, track your parcel, outsource your delivery management or arrange a bespoke integration, Parcelhub's UK-based specialist teams are ready to answer any questions you may have.
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Customer services and accounts

To contact the Parcelhub customer services team, please email [email protected]

or call 0115 934 2554.


To contact the customer accounts team, please email [email protected] or call 0115 950 3018.

Parcelhub customers:

Log in to Parcelhub Software to track the progress of your customers’ parcel shipments.

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Technical support

Parcelhub’s sales and account management team has vast experience in the logistics sector, majoring on the eCommerce, high street and wholesale markets.


With customers across the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, the sales team is well-prepared to assess your current distribution setup, advise on best practices and empower you to achieve economies of scale.


Read the latest case studies or get in touch today by filling in the enquiry form.

Parcel Technology Solutions
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Parcelhub partners with carriers, eCommerce technology providers and media outlets to increase the reach of the Parcelhub delivery management platform, and to showcase partner developments; the ultimate goal being to provide value to multi-channel online retailers, brands and wholesalers.


If you are interested in forming a strategic partnership, please fill out this form and/or connect with Simon Wright, Head of Marketing on LinkedIn.


Please also follow Parcelhub on Twitter and LinkedIn to hear the latest company and partner developments.

Parcelhub is expected to continue the growth of its workforce throughout 2022, with opportunities in customer support, distribution driving, software development and analysis coming into fruition.


To learn more please visit our careers page or to register your interest, please fill in this form.

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