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Tracking Support

What if there was a solution that could help you minimise the true cost of failed deliveries, and be an extension to your customer service team, dedicated to resolving your customers' delivery issues? There is!

How much are failed deliveries hitting your bottom line?
Did you know that..

impact of failed deliveries in ecommerce

Parcelhub’s Outsourced Tracking Support solution is a service whereby once you send a parcel out the door and it hits the carrier’s network, we deal with all the issues on your behalf – as you.

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There are two parts to this proposition:

•  SMART platform: Proactive notifications increase effectiveness of queries by targeting problems more quickly


•  eCommerce platform: Once a parcel receives a scan into the carrier network, Parcelhub deals with any queries on delivery with your customers, as you


Why does this work?

Using a method called courier mapping, Parcelhub monitors the path of every parcel sent, stepping in if any assistance or information is needed.


•  Each carrier, and service within a carrier network, has different tracking patterns and scanning events


•  By mapping each service with scan types and sub types, Parcelhub can proactively pick up and resolve problems by monitoring a parcel’s scan sequences


•  If a parcel receives an unexpected scan, or goes off course, Parcelhub is there ready to steer it back


•  Parcelhub can also identify tracking and scan sequences that may signal an item being returned. If this can be avoided, Parcelhub can save you the cost of the item being returned and sent back out

Example of a sequence of scans that could result in an issue

If you have to resend, as a seller you have lost out on:


• Outbound and return carriage


•  Have to have another item in stock to resend


•  Cost of resending the order


•  Time from your employees in dealing with the query


•  Time from your employees chasing up with the carrier as to why a card wasn’t left Invoice team chasing claim/non payment

How the process works without eCommerce support:

How the process works without eCommerce support
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Additional cost saving benefits

•  SMART platform: Proactive notifications reduce time and effectiveness of queries


•  eCommerce platform: Once a parcel receives a scan into the carrier network, Parcelhub deals with any queries on delivery with your customers, as you


How does Parcelhub picking this up help you?

•  Confirmation and verification of carrier requests


•  Validation of address queries used, as per Royal Mail


•  Check previous delivery attempts; does the GPS put the driver at the correct location?


•  Check previous delivery attempts; can we confirm the card IDs that were left on previous attempts?


•  If it’s a business, is it attempted in business hours?


•  If it’s residential, is it a block of flats/do we need access codes?

How the process works with eCommerce support:

How the process works with eCommerce customer service enabled

Multiple carriers?
One solution!

Parcelhub is your single point of contact for reduced shipping costs from the very best UK and international carriers, whether you’re using just a single carrier… or different, multiple carriers.

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Parcelhub enables multichannel retailers, brands and wholesalers to enhance their customers’ delivery experience.

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