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Save time and money. Increase delivery performance. Enhance customer experience.

Parcelhub's unique portfolio of tailored delivery management, tracking support and fulfilment solutions sets the innovation agenda for retailers, wholesalers and brands who are serious about making delivery one of their key selling points.

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Parcelhub offers shippers of both B2C and B2B parcels the ability to deploy free integrated software, enabling them to acquire shipping rates based on the shared, co-operative volumes of all other shippers using the solution. Parcelhub has also developed the software with the ability to integrate via an API into users’ present ERP, OMS and WMS.

“Parcelhub’s solutions give retailers, brands and wholesalers access to multiple carriers and services at discounted rates. Add to this our free innovative software and you have everything you need to ship any size parcel anywhere in the world. Parcelhub back this up with a proactive customer support team who ensure all your delivery requirements are met with the minimum of fuss.”
– Steve Riley, IT Director and Co-founder

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“Parcelhub’s in-house development team analysed Premier Housewares’ current system capabilities and the new functions they required. With their help and feedback, the solutions decided upon were unintrusive but effective, empowering the client with a greater degree of control over individual packages, and a smoother packing and labelling workflow.” – Hayley McAlinden, Premier Housewares

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Integrating seamlessly with eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and order management systems, Parcelhub harmonises multiple shipping providers into a single monthly invoice, and acts as a single platform for 20+ carriers and 600+ services, which means instead of managing multiple relationships with delivery companies, Parcelhub acts as your single point of contact. Driven by APIs, Parcelhub will accelerate your label production, creating a direct flow between your sales channels and Parcelhub thanks to automation of what would otherwise be manual processes.


No matter what your computer skill level, we can help. Everything is set up and created to be as effective and hassle-free as possible. With Parcelhub, you can be confident that you are getting the most cost-effective service and care at the best price, empowering you to focus on your own core competencies.

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Join hundreds of retailers, brands and wholesalers and leverage Parcelhub’s collaborative buying power to access ‘pooled volume’ discounted shipping rates from major and specialised parcel and packet carriers. Part of the Whistl Group, combined volumes of physical items exceed 4 billion+ annually.

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“We would have to employ at least two additional customer service advisers of our own to manage the carriers. That’s a big saving to a business like ours. We really do see Parcelhub as an extension of our own business, and we have spent the last 12 months further integrating the Parcelhub customer service team to create more efficiencies and strengthen our proposition.” – Andrew Steel, BuyDirect4U

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“Being a multi-carrier solution, Parcelhub has given us much greater flexibility and control; due to differing dimensions, some carriers were not suitable for some of our bulkier, and international shipments, so having a preselected list of service preferences from a variety of carriers allows us to seamlessly switch to a more suitable solution when necessary. Processing 100-150 orders at one time used to take over three hours; following significant time investment from Parcelhub’s software development team, we are now able to process 150 orders in less than five minutes!” – Simon Spurrell, Cheshire Cheese Company

increase delivery performance


Accessing a range of delivery services mitigates risk. By deploying Parcelhub software, merchants safeguard their business against fluctuations in service quality.


All of our services come with free end-to-end tracking, free notification emails and optional POD (Proof of Delivery). Your account comes with a customised tracking page, showing live and up-to-date tracking details for all of your shipments, regardless of carrier chosen.


Keeping things running smoothly, and to ensure our systems are up to date, is our IT team. If something isn’t right, they are on hand to help and guide you through any technical issues.


In the background, Parcelhub’s innovative SMART Notifications platform identifies sequences of tracking events that are likely to lead to delivery issues, which are processed into and rectified by Parcelhub’s in-house UK-based customer services team who proactively monitor every item sent. By adding Parcelhub’s range of solutions to your business offering you are ensuring positive seller feedback is maximised, ensuring repeat custom and increasing customer lifetime value.

enhance customer experience


At Parcelhub we are dedicated to enhancing your customers’ delivery experience. Our in-house eCommerce support team take tracking-related queries away from your customer services team, while our ticketing platform provides merchants with full transparency of how we are dealing with your tracking queries, increasing the likelihood of you receiving positive feedback across your sales channels.

Many clients also outsource fulfilment with Parcelhub. Parcelhub’s team of fulfilment experts has extensive experience providing tailored fulfilment services for companies who need to outsource storage, shipping and stock management of apparel, daily deals products, gifts, homewares, PC hardware, novelty goods and subscription boxes.

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“Prior to partnering with Parcelhub, we had to react to customer queries. By introducing Parcelhub software, their SMART Notifications platform enables us to be more proactive with our customers’ delivery experience and has resulted in strong positive feedback across our digital real estate; this is best demonstrated by our 99.9% feedback on eBay and 99% positive status on Amazon.” – Billy Coulthard, BDLA Motorbikes

Tailored delivery management, tracking support and fulfilment solutions

Distributing over 6 million parcels annually on behalf of hundreds of companies, Parcelhub’s range of flexible and scalable delivery management services integrate seamlessly with your selling platforms and marketplaces.


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