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Amazon Gives Deliveries the ‘Boot’

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Amazon Gives Deliveries the ‘Boot’

UK-based Amazon sellers may soon have another delivery option as the internet retailing giant is currently dabbling with deliveries direct to people’s car boots. Always seeking novel ways to remedy the customer gripe of having to wait for their items, the company is to start trialling the service in Germany in May as part of its Prime subscription service.

It’s primarily aimed at improving delivery services by giving more choice to customers, as well as cutting down on the amount of failures in delivery. The test is to be carried out in Munich and is being conducted in collaboration with global delivery firm DHL and the German auto-maker Audi.
What’s apparently unique about this delivery solution is that the customer doesn’t have to be there when their items arrive. That’s because the delivery driver will have one-time access to open the boot, and the permission is removed once it’s shut. The driver will also have the ability to track the car during the eCommerce fulfilment time so they will know precisely where the vehicle is.
Amazon says customers may also be able to return goods the same way – simply leaving them in their car boots for pick-up by a delivery driver. In both cases, the customer will need to inform the company of the location of their car at the time the driver is expected to arrive.
“We are working to offer Prime members a delivery location that is always available and convenient: the boot of their car. This innovation makes shopping at Amazon even easier and more flexible. It gives customers another way to receive their orders,” said Amazon EU Prime director Michael Pasch.
The boot trial comes at a time when Amazon is increasingly seeking ways to get goods to customers as quickly as possible, possibly including by airborne drone delivery, tests of which are now under way. The tiny aircraft would pick up products at a company distribution centre and fly them to people’s homes.
One thing’s for sure, however: having items ready in the car by the time work finishes will certainly put a big smile on customers’ faces.

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