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Amazon’s drone plans published by Patent Office

Could this be the future of Amazon shipping?

Amazon’s drone plans published by Patent Office

After months of speculation and testing, the full details of Amazon’s drone delivery service have been published by the US Patent Office. Amazon submitted their patent for the service last year, and after a six month wait, have finally had their plans approved.
The report goes into vast amounts of detail regarding every aspect of Amazon’s drone service, including how it would work, what has already been achieved, and what still needs work in the future. It also confirms some of the key details about the machines themselves, stating that they will be able to communicate with each other about traffic, routes, and even weather conditions; they will also use camera and sensors for security services.
The drones will come in a range of different models, each suited to a different sized or shaped product. Using location data pulled from the Amazon app, they will also be able to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of the customer.

So what does this mean for UK-based Amazon sellers?

Essentially, it means that Amazon are one massive step closer to finally realising their dream of drone delivery, and once it does eventually get rolled out, it will be big news for UK-based Amazon sellers.
Industry experts are predicting there to be a massive rise in orders as a result of the drone service, and that could mean more business for marketplace sellers on the site.
The launch of Amazon’s drone delivery service could also see similar services started by other outsourcing companies, giving UK-based Amazon sellers more choice regarding their delivery services. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, we must remember that even though the patent for the drones has been approved, it does not mean that the drone service is due for an imminent release.
In fact, Amazon are now fighting a challenge from the Federal Aviation Administration in America, who are worried about the safety of other vehicles and objects in airspace. Furthermore, the actual details of the drone service are likely to change between now and the release date, whenever it may be, as is the case with many patents.

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